Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Summer Of Sun, Paddling Pools, Picnics and Sand!

It is fast approaching the summer holidays and this means that I get to spend six weeks with my two wonderful and very well behaved children. They will in no way shape or form terrorise me endlessly, or fight a bit, or make a total mess of the house. So as this is now fifth my 'Summer of Love' (which I will insist on calling it so I don't feel too stressed about it). I thought I will let you know what has helped me survive with two small children each year and kept them happy in the process.

I brought my daughter a tough outdoor slide for her second birthday. And? It has been used virtually every day. And during the summer? Many a bum will slide down it (including my husbands and dogs). Slides are ace to jump on, climb over and do that illegal thing where you can walk up it. We also LOVE putting the slide in the...

...Paddling Pool!
Every house needs a good paddling pool. Even when they are little babies, paddling pools are perfect for a few hours of splashing around and having a giggle. Think back to your own summers and a bet a lot of memories will involve you splashing your Dad or 'watering' the plants.

Sand Pit
However the golden rule in my house is? NO SAND IN THE PADDLING POOL! We have had for a few years a sand pit that was super cheap. But? It came with the best lid and make sure you check that out. If the lid keeps the sand dry it can be something that is used throughout the year. Mine have been in their wellies shovelling sand into each others hair in the snow.

Messy Play
There is nothing finer in life, than messy play not in your own house. So this is the time to get the arts and crafts out. Let them do a bit of painting. If they are babies maybe do that dead cute thing of getting foot and hand prints without fear of one giant blue one on your couch. Be warned however. Playdoh? Will dry up and break your lawn mower (my husband will NEVER forgive me for that one).

Both of my kids have had 'wheels' in various guises. My daughter received a princess one for her first birthday and my son a digger one. We still have both! There are some great ones available over on online4baby. They are fab for playing in the garden with, especially if your child isn't too hot at walking. I recently tried to throw my girls away and she had a fit. Now she pushes her dolly around in it!

These are just a few of the ways that I shall keep my children, my very young and energetic children, occupied for SIX WHOLE WEEKS! It better be sunny or there will be hell to pay!

This post was written in collaboration with Online4Baby


  1. I teach too (although Maths because I am crazy!), so we are getting all geared up for the Summer holidays, I have taken your advice and purchased a bigger paddling pool, as we still only had a baby one, and they love it. x

    1. It's so amazing to get out in the paddling pool isn't it?! x


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