Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fingers Crossed For A DryNite

I decided to potty train my daughter when she had just turned two. I had just had a baby and it was? A bit of a nightmare to be honest. So the whole 'getting them to sleep dry through the night' task passed us by whilst we concentrated on baby number two. But as she starts big school in September (sob) I've decided the time is right to tackle it now. So here are a few steps, with some help from DryNites® who are currently running a Confident Kids 24/7 campaign, that will hopefully get her to sleep through the night without many little accidents!

No Nighttime Drink
Firstly we have cut out her pre-bedtime milk which I think was meaning she wasn't waking up in the morning dry. She now has her last drink at teatime and unless she's dying of thirst she won't have another one till she gets up. To help make the transition smoother, and to ensure that she's not wetting the bed continuously, she is also now popping on a DryNites® pyjama pant before she goes to bed. 

Bit Of Extra Nighttime Support
DryNites® are light to wear, which is perfect in this warmer weather and are easily pulled up and down by your child. The size we chose can be worn up to 8 but they are available up to 15 if your child is still having accidents. Bed wetting affects almost 600,000 children a year and it is just part of growing up. The pyjama pant has a kitten on the front which my daughter adored. The style is age appropriate and will hopefully give her the confidence to pop to the toilet in the middle of the night much like she would during the day.

Keeping The Bed Dry
The next step (EEK) is to sleep without anything on her bottom. To help with this transition, DryNites® have also developed some bed mats to go on top of mattress to ensure that no accidents leak through into the bed. Bed wetting is a normal part of this whole process so it will be good to have some extra protection. The mats have stick and stay put sections on the bottom, which means they don't move with the general tossing and turning of a child in bed. Sometimes when I pop in she's literally slept upside down on a pile of books! Taking away the worry and stress of ruining the bed, should make her feel more confident to sleep with a bare bum. 

We are now a few days into the whole process and my girl loved wearing the DryNites® pyjama pants. Not only did she love the kitten design but she said she was happy that they didn't leak and that she could pull them down when she got up in the morning. Bed wetting is a daunting process and DryNites® are helping to give her the confidence to deal with the whole process. Wish us luck with the next stage and I will keep you posted on how she goes. Keep your fingers crossed!

If your little one is struggling with bed wetting issues why not give them a bit of extra confidence and let them use a DryNites®. Request your free sample here!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DryNites®. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I use these pullups night pants too. They are great hold a lot. I am really trying to get B and MM dry this summer before we return to the UK. It's a tough job and so far even having last drink as early as 4pm they are still having accidents. Obviously I am a little less on MM but B sleeps so deep I even take him pee at 11pm and it doesn't help. Hope you have better luck darling. In this together hahaha

  2. We used the bed mats with Evie and Jenson and they are such a good idea.I also used them when I was pregnant as they wee cheaper than maternity mats!

  3. We used the bed mats with Evie and Jenson and they are such a good idea.I also used them when I was pregnant as they wee cheaper than maternity mats!


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