Free Fun In Brum This Sum(er)!

Unless you are a gazillionaire it is impossible to pay for activities the whole of the summer holiday. We have got a few days out planned including our summer holiday to Camp Bestival followed by Butlins. But? That then still leaves about four weeks of time to fill with my two. So? I've turned to searching for some free activities. If I find any great ones? I shall put them on here for you!

The Big Hoot!

If you follow me over on instagram you will see that this week we started our search for the owls from The Big Hoot. We had already seen a few on our travels last week so we decided to carry on with the ones in the city centre. It was amazing! My kids were screaming running to find them and I loved how at each owl there were people lining up to have photos with the brightly coloured birds. We ticked all the ones we met off our special map and this is something we will continue till the eventually fly away at the end of September. For more info look here.

The Ben and Holly Little Explorer Challenge

As we are Ben and Holly Mumbassadors this summer we are completing the activities that are uploaded to their site each week. With a range of outdoor things to do if the weather is sunny, we made the most of the indoor tasks such as colouring and counting as this week the weather was DREADFUL! Read more about The Little Explorers Challenge here!

Arts and Craft at Birmingham Museum

Our quest for owls also led us to the Birmingham Museum where on the second floor there is a lovely little dress up and play area set up. You can also handle historical artefacts with the help of Museum staff. For £1 my two got the chance to make a princess and soldier puppet which they LOVED (OK so my boy ran around dressed like a dragon whilst my girl made all four). If you are in the city centre with your children it would be a great stop off point on The Big Hoot or just if you are doing some shopping and need a break. Find out more here!


And of course rainy weather means we did LOTS of play. One of the fab things about working with Ben and Holly is that each season we get sent some toys to play with. This time round we got a pack of characters and The Thistle Castle. Many an hour was spent with them playing nicely together and then fighting over who would be Nanny Plum. As we all know she's the best...right?
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