Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kidzania With Karmel!

As a teacher I love a nice 'visit'. Somewhere where my two can learn and get experiences where they can learn little life lessons. I am that Mum. The one that will be dragging my teenage kids around museums whilst they look on angry. So when we got invited to visit Kidzania in the Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush, London? I WAS RABID!

In a nutshell Kidzania? Is AMAZING! The concept is your children go to a child sized town, get jobs and earn pretend money. This then can be exchanged for experiences (like flying a mock plane with British Airways) or toys (my girl chose a large sparkly ring). It sounds good right? But it is done on such a grand scale it is quite hard to get your head round what you are seeing. But... before we started our Kidzania adventure we got to spend some time with THE Annabel Karmel.

Annabel Karmel pretty much helped to raise my daughter. I used her cookbook everyday during the weaning process. Which I told her. Like a stalker. She was at Kidzania to promote her new Family Cooking App. My girl and I got to use the clever app to see how to make simple fairy cakes together. Then with a bit of help from Annabel herself (and her lovely daughter) we decorated them as little animals to take home. Which we did. Seven of them. Back to Birmingham. On one of the hottest days of the year. GAH!

Now for a bit more about Kidzania. On arrival you have to check in like you are flying to another country. All the members in your party are issued with bracelets which means you can keep tabs on your little ones whilst they run around. There is a parents area to sit in, with wifi, snacks and drinks available to buy. As my girl is only four we stuck with her but if your children are older? They would be safe to roam around by themselves.

There are a host of jobs on offer for children to try their hands at. My girl was a nurse, a police officer, a stylist in H&M and a juice maker in an Innocent Juice shop. Each experience was roughly between ten and twenty minutes long. And done in small groups so they get to really enjoy it. We never had to queue for an experience very long. We never felt rushed and each child really got one on one attention from the helpful and friendly staff there. My daughter is 4 and she really enjoyed it. Any younger? And she may have struggled. But 4+ is perfect!

If you are in London and really fancy a fun and educational day out I would highly recommend Kidzania. I will definitely be visiting again when my son is a bit older. But if you are at home during the summer holiday and are looking for something to do with the kiddos? Then download Annabel's Family Cooking App which you can find more information about on her website here.

Watch our adventures with Annabel at Kidzania here!

We were invited to Kidzania by Annabel Karmel.


  1. We were at the KidZania Annabel Karmel launch. I didn't see you there!


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