Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Very Own Flower Fairy!

When I started this blog over 18 months ago a few of my very first posts were all about letting my then just turned three year old choose what she wanted to wear for a week. I was sick and tired of her choosing bizarre outfits and then me losing my mind getting cross with her. What I discovered was? She just didn't like wearing leggings and trousers. And since then? We have stuck to dresses.

She loves party dresses, princess dresses and she adores parading around the house pretending to be a fairy. So as the weather was warm this weekend? I let her pop on a beautiful new frock, pick some brand new fairy wings and skip around on the grass like my very own Flower Fairy (80's children you will remember the joy of the Flower Fairy's!) 

It appears that Flower Fairies actually like their brothers! 
And don't try to kill them continuously.

The wings and wand were from the local Poundworld and we were lucky enough to be sent this beautiful blush pink dress from the wedding section of BHS. With a giant bow and flower, the dress has sparkles dotted throughout. It would be perfect for a bridesmaid/flower girl or if you are attending any special occasions over the summer. The floral headband was sent to us by kind reader of the blog who has a fab company called 'Crowning Glory' who make bespoke flowery loveliness!

The dress was layered and quite structured. Perfect for a little girl to run around in the garden in or dance the night away at a wedding reception. To find out more about my girls beautiful Lola Blush Flower Girl dress or any of the other dresses in the BHS Wedding department please check out their site here!

BHS kindly sent us this dress to review!

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  1. She's so cute and looks so happy! I have given up on trying to get Izzy to wear what I want her to wear - yesterday I couldn't be bothered arguing (as I was hungover) so she dressed herself. And ended up going into town in her rapunzal dress. But at least we had no tears!


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