Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Our Little Explorer Challenges!

As a parent of small children I get to watch A LOT of kids TV and I have to say one of my favourite shows over the past few years has been the joy that is Ben and Holly. I LOVE Nanny Plum! She proper, proper makes me laugh (and totes fancies the Wise Old Elf). And my two love the rest of the show.  

So I was over the moon when I was asked to work with Ben and Holly this year as one of their 'Mumbassadors'. Over the next six months we will be covering a variety of different things such as Elf and Fairy Parties and the joy that is Christmas. But the summer? Is going to all be about the Little Explorer Challenge!

Over at the Ben and Holly site each Monday there will be a new set of mini challenges will be set for you and the children to do throughout the school holiday. For example this week is all about 'Insects' and the week after 'Trees and Toadstools'. There is a handy pack that you download to help you complete the activities. As well as a log book, certificates and exclusive video clips.

During the six weeks I will be sharing how I get on with my two and their 'Little Explorer Challenges'. You will be able to see how I get on over on my instagram as well as regular updates on twitter. If you would like to join in it would be great if you tag me in so I can see how you're doing. And even better if you share your photos with Ben and Holly? You could be in with the chance of winning some of Gaston's Goodies!

Here's to a happy summer exploring with your own little fairies and elves!* 

*(insert Elf trumpet sound here).


  1. Oh this sounds like so much fun! We will definitely pop over to the site and have a look at joining in!

    1. It is such a good idea lovely. Your two will love it! x


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