Puppy Love

Firstly it is a golden rule never to work with kids and animals. So when I had the great plan of getting my pup in the shot with my beauts? It was doomed to failure. However we did get one shot with them all looking relatively normal so hooray! I win! Kinda. The reason was because we were sent the latest Barbie Spin 'N' Ride Pups to test out. I'll be honest? Lucy my dog? Was not the best reviewer. Silly mutt. 

Smile Lucy. SMILE! GAH!

See my behind my girls shoulder. A small dogs bottom.

Along with a Barbie doll you also get a bike in this set. And cleverly if you put her hands and feet in just right? She looks like her legs are moving along with it! She comes complete with a helmet. Which is ideal as we are hoping to get my girl on her bike this summer and if a helmet is good enough for Barbie? It's good enough for her!

The set also comes with two super cute pups (which I will be honest my kids fought over massively). Once fitted to the bike as Barbies rides along. The dogs? Do what dogs do which is poo everywhere and bark...oh no. THEY SKATE ON SKATEBOARDS! Brilliant. Oh how the kiddos screamed. 

Overall this is a fab take on Barbie. I loved the fact she was safety conscious and her clothes were a bit different to the usual pink princess dresses. I am only really, really sad that my dog can't ride on a skateboard. If you would like to buy your little ones the Barbie Spin 'N' Ride Pup check out the Smyths Toystore here.
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