Thursday, 16 July 2015

Top Tips To Help Keep The Kiddos Fit

One of the earliest posts I wrote was entitled 'How Bogling Nearly Killed Me'. If you read this story tale you will get a full understanding of how dreadful I am at sports. I was always the girl chosen last, the girl having four periods a month to get out of swimming and until recently? I didn't even own a pair of trainers. However. I don't want this to be the same fate for my two.

I want them to enjoy fitness. I want it to feature in their everyday life and even if this means? I'm going to have to get my bum into gear and use those brand new trainers. This week it is 'Childhood Obesity Week'. Whilst it's not always something we as parents want to take part in, it's something that we need to encourage our children to do. And kids? Learn best by example.

Keeping Fit and not even knowing it! (oh that rhymes!)

If they don't begin to understand the importance of exercise at an early age this could lead to childhood obesity, high blood pressure, sleep problems and even depression. By encouraging this as a 'life skill' it could also mean that it will help them avoid these sorts of issue when they are all grown up and big. So with some help from the NHS and AXA PPP Healthcare, here are a few ways I will be keeping fit with my two kiddos this summer:
  • Walking down to our local high street. My two LOVE a trip to Poundland and with the rewards of some £1 stickers at the end of a long walk? This is a perfect afternoons activity!
  • I am hoping a lot of our summer will be spent in the garden. We like to set our two 'challenges' which generally involve them running around the garden and throwing themselves in the paddling pool.
  • This is going to be the summer we buy our two bikes. With birthday's around Christmas that SUCKS for bike buying as the weather is dreadful. So they will be having a half way pressies to get them out and about.
  • As my pair are two and four it is now possible to take our dog Lucy for a walk, albeit a very slow one where they both fight over who holds the lead.
  • My girl already does weekly swimming lessons, when she starts school in September (SOB) I plan to book my boy into Tumble Tots or football. A bit of special 'Mummy and Me' time.
  • Our main holiday this year is a beach one. So I am hoping for lots of running around the sand, playing throwing frisbee with their Dad and if the worst comes to the worst (which it probably will as we are staying in the UK). We can hit the onsite pool and have loads of fun and fitness there.
Let's hope this is NOT our summer holiday!

If you are looking for some ways to help keep both you and your family on track when it comes to fitness then why not pop over to the AXA PPP Healthcare website here . It has loads of ideas on everything from basic exercise ideas, to weight lifting problems to talking about recommended heart rate whist keeping fit.

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