When Brummys Do Blackpool! Our Top Ten Picks!

My little family and I are always going on adventures. I find that it is far easier to look after two small children in the great outdoors rather than all cooped up inside. So I was thrilled to hear that we had been chosen as one of Blackpool Pleasure Beach's official bloggers which meant we got to test out the theme park for the day.

Blackpool holds great memories for me. Not only did we visit when we were little but I also have fond memories of day trips with spotty secondary school boyfriends. I couldn't wait to make some memories with my own children and have some fun in the process! So here our Top Ten Picks from the Pleasure Beach if you are thinking of taking a trip with your young family this summer holiday:

1) Meeting Characters!
During the day there were plenty of opportunities for my two to meet some of their favourite characters. My boy got to pretend to fight crime with Donatello, my girl gave Dora the biggest cuddle, whilst Gromit gave my husband a wave. And I may have had a squeeze with SpongeBob! There were plenty of chances to meet the characters and there is a handy timetable in Nickelodeon land telling you who to meet, where and when!

2) The Dancing Fountains
As you walk into the Pleasure Beach you are met by a fountain area that does a show to music every 30 minutes, which was amazing. But the rest of the time? Your kids can run around it to their hearts content! So it may be an idea to bring a towel, or go and dry off on some of the faster rides.

3) Wallace and Gromit Thrill-O-Matic
This is a MUST for Wallace and Gromit fans! You sit down in the worlds comfiest seats that are like little couches and take a journey around various scenes from Wallace and Gromit films. It is very cleverly done. Maybe not one for tots that don't like the dark. But my boy, who is two, loved it!

4) Taking In The Scenery
One of the things I loved about the theme park was the finishing touches. All around there were little benches to sit next to cowboys, or monsters. Walking between rides you may stumble across a totem pole or be able to see some cute model animals. These were ace for children to distract them on the walk between rides if they were getting "boooooorrrreeeeed" of walking.

5) Food Glorious Food!
I usually am one for taking a picnic to a theme park but as we had come up from Birmingham we decided to risk it and buy food there. We had our lunch in an all you could eat buffet in the centre of Nickelodeon Land which was perfect and under 3s eat free with a paying adult! Later on we stopped off for some Frozen Yogurt at Yoomoo. There were plenty of places to eat and I even spotted a champagne bar. 

6) Rides For The Big Kids
My husband is a self confessed thrill junkie so as soon as my boy fell asleep? It was time for him to hit the rollercoasters. The Pleasure Beach has quite a few all in the same area so it is easy to run from one ride to the next.

7) It's Not Just About Nickelodeon Land!
This is the big pull for the younger kids but as we walked around the park we found another area that had more traditional rides such as teacups and this cute little train. It was quieter than the other parts of the park and perfect for a break from the crowds. We also all LOVED the 'Grand Prix' ride! It was brilliant and gave the impression the kids really were driving.

8) Nickelodeon Land!
This is the main attraction for people with young families. It was brilliant! My two love SpongeBob so adored all of the rides to do with him. Especially the one where they got to splash Dad! I really liked 'Dora's World Voyage' which was very similar to It's a Small World but with Dora. I think the highlight for everyone was the 'Rugrats Lost River'. For them? They got soaking which was hilarious. For me? I got to watch them get soaked which was hilarious! My son is two and could go on most rides there were only a few he was too little for which was ace!

9) The Boring Bits
For those with small children you need to know the boring bits before you go anywhere so here you are: it is super easy to get around with buggies and there are plenty of places to leave them. All the rides I went on with the children allowed you to take on handbags. We were never far away from a toilet and there were changing tables readily available. The park is big but not so big a four year old couldn't walk around it but it may be an idea to take a buggy board if you have one! There were loads of places to eat and drink as well as lots of benches to sit down and have a rest.

10) Fun for ALL the Family
Overall the park has something for everyone. I loved going on the rides with the children, as well as tucking into some lovely frozen yogurt. My husband enjoyed the faster rides. My two ADORED meeting the characters and the fact that as it was term time the queues were not too big. We had a fantastic time and will definitely be going back next year!

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