Wipes Save Lives!

When I became a Mum I knew that I would use the odd baby wipe here and there. What I didn't know? Is that they would be come an UTTER LIFE SAVER! Yeah sure they clean bums but they are also there for tomato sauce covered mouths, paint filled hands and own up. How many of you have given the sink a quick clean with one? So when we were asked by Pampers to give their sensitive wipes the once over? I knew we would be the perfect family to give them a proper good hard testing.

Imagine my joy when I realised...I LEFT THE WIPES AT HOME THIS DAY!

Pampers helped wipe the mouth, wipe the table and the dog? Cleaned the floor.

During the first week of the summer holiday the wipes helped clean up a variety of messy milky faces, ice cream stained hands and chocolate covered lips. Pampers Sensitive Wipes are proven to be milder than cotton wool and water. They are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, which means they're kind to your little one's sensitive skin. Plus, Pampers Sensitive Wipes are made with a unique Soft Grip TextureTM which makes them thicker and super soft to provide gentle cleaning with less wiping.

Mmmmm you've got a bit of chocolate round your mouth?


As well as dirty mouths, faces and bums I also love taking a pack of wipes round with me to activities such as messy play. There is NOTHING worse that glue on toddlers hands which will definitely mean glue on my top, hair, face and so on. Both my two have sensitive skin so it's nice to know the wipes are mild and won't irritate it (and yes I have been known to use them to take my make up off too!).

You have sauce. On your shoulder?

Pampers not only asked us to trial test the wipes but also film our very own advert! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I felt like a mini celeb. We had a camera crew and a host of stars! OK I had my husband who I shouted at a bit and my children who I begged to behave with chocolate. So see below what happened when we tested the PH of wipes v water!

Also check out Pampers ADORABLE video which captures babies with that face, you know the one that means FOR sure you are going to have to use more than wipe on their bum!

I'm working with BritMums and Pampers testing their wipes and featuring their new #PampersPooface video. 
I was provided wipes and have been compensated for my time. 
All editorial and opinions are my own. 
Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrrnC62X6eA for more information!
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