10 Best Things To Do At The Just So Festival!

This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to the Just So Festival which took place in Rode Hall Estate, Cheshire. We had a fantastic time and if you are considering going next year I thought I would give you the 10 best things to do whilst you are there!

1) Join A Tribe With Your Friends
When you go to Just So you decide which tribe to be in! My two were fishes but when they saw their besties decided to become foxes? They became hybrid fox-fishes. I for one think it is a winning look.

2) Soak Up The Shabby Chic Signs
All around the festival site are amazing and beautiful signage. It makes everywhere look so special and straight out of a storybook. My favourite was definitely the Just So suitcase arch as you entered. It made you feel you were packing your own bags and getting ready to go off on a wonderful journey.

3) Try Your Hand At Something New
All around are free activities for the kids to try out. My two had a go at circus skills, became strong men in the Little Big Top and took part in a paper aeroplane workshop. Which I feel may have been enjoyed more by their Dad than them!

4) Enter the Spellbound Forest And Have An Adventure
The Spellbound Forest is a wonderful place and the highlight of the whole festival for us. Full of fairies and pirates and covered in bunting and fairy lights. Behind each tree was a new adventure waiting to happen and a new giant stick to drag along with you.

5) Indulge In Some Amazing Food
If you don't fancy taking a picnic there were plenty of food places to try out at Just So. Whilst I indulged in a very child unfriendly Mojito lolly my two loved demolishing some very healthy berry ones. Whilst getting most of it around their mouths! 

6) Become A Pirate For The Afternoon
There is a whole area at the festival dedicated to becoming a pirate. With its very own shipwreck, submarine, pirate classes and an amazing real life game of battleships. This area proved very popular with my boy.

7) Pretend You Are At The Beach
Set next to a beautiful lake, the shipwreck was also surrounded by sand so it was a fantastic way to get your feet covered and pretend that you were messing around in a far flung beach somewhere hot. 

8) Hang Out With The Queen Fairy
The main excitement of the day for my girl was visiting the Fairy Village. She met some real life fairies who sprinkled her with fairy dust. She also came across a rather strange Tickle Monster who my boy is still talking about now.

9) Make A Teeny Tiny House For The Fairy Village
Whilst at the fairy village, and with the help of her Dad, my girl got to make a teeny tiny fairy house which she gently put down with the rest of the village. Hopefully a little fairy family will be very happy with their new home! (They need to watch out for glue though).

10) Have The Best Of Times Under Bunting With Your Best Mates
One of the best things about Just So for my two was being in a beautiful surroundings, knocking about in their wellies with their very best friends. OK so they looked like odd fox-fish creatures and were covered in mud, sand and ice lollies but it was a day they will never forget!

The Just So Festival 2016 will run from 19 – 21 August 2016. Tickets will be on sale from Friday 28th August at 12 noon with early bird prices of £110 per adult and £45 per child for weekend tickets (£125 per adult and £50 per child after early birds have sold out). Under 3s are free. Visit the Just So Festival Here! 
Watch what we got up to on our visit to Just So!
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