A Step Back In Time At Avoncroft

Chances are if you live in the Midlands at some point you would have hopped on a coach and took a school trip to the Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove. I vividly remember going when I was in secondary school. I seem to remember we got to do some old fashioned brick laying with horse manure which as you can imagine? With an all girls school called mild hysteria. So I was really excited to be asked to pop back and see what it has to offer now. 

Beautiful Surroundings
Avoncroft is beautifully well kept. All around are gorgeous flowers for you to sniff and roam around in. There is also plenty of grass you can sit down and have a picnic on. If you don't fancy the grass? There were loads of picnic tables dotted around. As well as lots of pretty historic buildings the main attraction of course is the beautiful windmill above. My two insisted on calling it a 'Wind-Mail' much to my anger. In the end? I just called it that too. If you can't beat them eh? 

Horse And Train Rides
Alas I forgot to take any cash with me to Avoncroft (bad Mum) but for a couple of pounds you can pay to have a pony ride and for 50p? There is a lovely little train you can ride round on which is run by the friendliest of model train enthusiasts. 

Like any museum the point is to go and learn things. Avoncroft is full of historic buildings, structures and exhibits. When we went round one exhibit we stumbled across a few games the kids could play to help them understand how buildings get built.

Bug Finding and Pond Dipping
Throughout the year Avoncroft run a variety of activities for visitors to have a go at. When we arrived we were asked if we wanted to sign up for bug finding and pond dipping. The inner wimpy Mum in me wanted to scream "NO!" but I put on a brave face and with the help of some guides we got to tick a lot of bugs off our sheet (yuck!).

Ring Ring!
One of the highlights for the kids (and the cause of one GINORMOUS tantrum) was the amazing National Telephone Kiosk Collection. I loved it too! They had all the phone boxes there from throughout history and what was even better? A lot of them you could call between each one. My two found this hysterical. And when I suggested we made a move after half hour? Well let's just say I nearly needed to use one of those phones to call their Dad to get him to stop them crying! 

You Can't Beat A Good Tea Room
Any good museum? Must have a good tea room. And Avoncroft is no different. We sat outside and had a cool drink as it was super hot but when I went inside it was a lovely vintage atmosphere. I had my eye on some huge meringues and will have to pop again so I can get to try one.

We had a really lovely afternoon at Avoncroft. We were there well over three hours and I think if it wasn't so hot we could have been there a lot longer. I will definitely be popping along there soon. The staff were friendly, the grounds were spotless and the whole place was beautiful. If you would like further information about Avoncroft Museum please visit here

Watch all about our day at Avoncroft here!

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