Sunday, 23 August 2015

An Italian Feast Fit For A Tot!

Last year I talked about eating out with kids. The Dream V The Reality. Let's be honest with two small children it can be a bit of a nightmare. So when we were invited to try the new 'The Strada Squad' kids menu at Italian restaurant Strada in The Mailbox, Birmingham? I was more than a little worried. However? Over two hours later, we left happy, full and clinging onto a balloon!

Often when you go to an Italian the kids menu is a bit too posh for kids (well for my kids) however this new menu is perfect.  There are veggie dippers or garlic flatbread for starters. The mains feature a range of simple Italian dishes including pizza, risotto and carbornara amongst others things. As well as chicken and steak for those little ones that aren't a fan of Italian dishes.

Now here is the good bit all are mains served with a salad or fries. And I don't mean fancy fries that the kids won't eat? Nope. PROPER fries. Amazing. My two happily tucked into the starter and then tackled the chicken and chips. And whilst we were waiting they happily coloured in their menus and played with the stickers provided.

I ate off the set menu and enjoyed some bruschetta and an amazing mushroom pizzetta. I may also have indulged in a prosecco whilst the lovely staff allowed my two to make their very own pizzas. Due to a snoozing boy (HOORAY!), my girl ended the meal with two puddings including a strawberry ice-cream and a apple and mango lolly. She was living the dream! Well for a four year old.

For further information or to find a Strada restaurant near you check out their site here!

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  1. I'm not sure I have ever taken the children to Strada - apart from going for my Birthday when A was 6 weeks old and I had the BEST risotto ever! Must go back x


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