At The End Of The Day...

Today has been a good day. Today it got to the end of the day and I thought to myself "I ROCK!". Did anything exciting happen? Not really. Did I bake a cake? Nope. Did I have a successful 'messy play' session with my two? Hell no. Were too many Smarties consumed? Yep. At one point were both of my kids watching YouTube? Obviously. But today was a good day.

Today it got to 5pm and the following happened: the house was clean, (most of) the washing up was done, the clothes were took of the line and put away, the dog was fed, the kids were happy and clean (I'm lying here they weren't clean in any way shape of form but they were happy). Everyone had consumed three square meals. Even the guinea pigs were happily munching on spinach I managed to pop out to buy without having a breakdown on the high street. And to top it all off? I even bunged on a Yankee Candle. As I'm fancy like that.

YES! HE NAPPED! (OK so he fell asleep on the floor)

These days are rare. Generally I get to the end of the day and I am so frazzled I shout to my other half to do the washing up, there are stickers all over my pyjamas and the dog has probably puked on the living room rug. Sometimes I lie face down on my bed whilst my two run rings round each other fighting over god knows what. Yeah there were fights today but they were short lived.

I think sometimes our expectations of what motherhood should look like are high. That phonics should be taught whilst you whip up a gluten free lasagna. That messy play should be embraced and every painting hung lovingly in your shabby chic kitchen. And when your other half rolls in from work? You look fresh and beautiful. The kids quietly hug him before they pop off to bed. Next you open a glass of wine and chat about your day.

YES THEY GOT DRESSED!!! (Ok it was at 6am...yawn)

(My) life is not like that. And if yours is? You are an amazing human being and I am high fiving you whilst I type. After over four years of being a Mum I am now embracing the mini triumphs. I managed to get the vacuum round (and only broke it once with some Barbie hair) which is amazing. My son napped (albeit on the floor of my bedroom). I ate my lunch alone in the garden and enjoyed warm tea whilst the kiddos happily watched Tom and Jerry. Bliss.

So if it's got to the end of your day and you think "Jeez, that was utterly sh*t!" try and think of one tiny thing you did that was ace. And if you still can't find anything? Stop reading this and consume gin/chocolate/both and start making it that little bit better.

Do. It. Now
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