Monday, 10 August 2015

Best Foot Forward With The Express Pedi

Ah the joy of the modern age where we all feel compelled to take photos of our feet. All the time. Could be on a mosaic floor, or a lovely grassy field, or in our Uggs in the snow. Anywhere. Pop on a filter and boom! A fantastic instagram. As I have been on holiday and knew a few would be taken in the sand I thought I better get my trotters into shape.

Pebbles in Weymouth

The lovely people from Scholl sent me a pack along with a range of lotions and potions to ensure that this happened. Including their magical Express Pedi gadget. This was perfect with two small children me time? Constitutes having a wee in peace. So the day before I was due to go away I managed to grab half hour, lock myself in the bathroom and use the pack to have a bit of a pampering session.

Sand in Minehead

The Express Pedi comes with two batteries so there was no need for me to get angry when I open it and realise we have non in the house. You pop it on and rub the roller over any dry areas of you feet. There was a bit of noise but it didn't hurt a bit! I noticed the effects instantly and it was really easy to clean afterwards. It also came with a handy lid that you can pop on the top to help keep it safely away from prying teeny tiny hands.

Waiting for football in Butlins!

Afterwards? I smothered my feet in Scholls Dry Skin Recovery Lotion and popped on some very sexy bed socks to help it soak in and hey presto! The next day my feet were super soft. I will keep using it weekly to ensure that they remain this way. If you fancy ensuring your feet look vaguely acceptable in your Insta-Shams check out more information about the Express Pedi here!


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