Thursday, 20 August 2015

Fisher Price Blows My Boys Mind!

Our house has always been full of little people, and no I'm not talking about my kids I am talking about the range of Fisher Price toys. We've got loads, I am always treading on them or tripping up over a Little People bus. But this week? We got sent something that there is NO WAY I will fall over! As it's nearly a metre tall! Behold The Little People Skyway...

Standing at three feet (and as you can see the same size as my two year old!) the fab toddler toy comes complete with two cars. So you can race them round the maze of twists and turns. My girl grabbed the purple one before he got his hands on it and the rest of the afternoon was spent playing and racing! Well after my husband put it all together. All in all it took half hour to complete so if it was something you were considering for Christmas Day? Bare this in mind!

As well as the maze of turns there are added extra places where you can fill up your car with (pretend) petrol and leave it hanging to gaze at the world below (the messy playroom floor in our case). Overall my two LOVED The Fisher Price Little People Skyway. It is large so you will need somewhere fairly big to house it. Maybe a playroom or bedroom rather than in your lounge but as it goes up to five my boy will be playing with it for a good few years yet!

We were kindly sent this toy to review!


  1. This has blown my kids' minds too! Great toy and it's HUGE!! x

  2. I nearly bought this the other day but thought if J didnt like it it was too big for the house


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