Five Beach Essentials!

There is nothing I love more in life than a nice trip to the beach. However with two small children? It can be a bit of a nightmare! To ensure that you end up staying there for more than approximately five minutes? You need to take a vast amount of bits and bobs to keep them happy for long enough that you can paddle in the see or maybe? Even read a book. What joy! So here are my five beach essentials for when you go on that lovely week away or a nice day trip to Weston.

Sun Safety
There are a lot of suntan lotions on the market but we have opted for an eight hour one which means that we don't have to apply the lard like gunk every hour. If we are at the beach I also pop my two in swimming costumes that are like wetsuits to not only cover them up but keep them warm if it's a bit windy (which it will be if you are in the UK). I also have invested in a few cheap sun hats that I don't mind getting wet and ruined.

These are one of the items we just leave in the boot of the car all year round and the drag it out when we go to the seaside. We were kindly sent this lovely beach hut windbreaker from OLPRO. It's really long so you could even put it in a bit of a square to totally hide you. And would also be fab if you are staying at festivals over the summer. And the pattern? Aces for Instagrams!

I love a picnic. At my heart? I am a super tight person. So I hate buying anything out. When we go for a day out I pack the worlds biggest picnic to last the whole time. There's snacks in it, treats, sandwiches. You name it we have it. If we are at the beach I do like to take a picnic set like this melamine one, again from OLPRO. There's nothing worse than sand in your cheese sarnie! You can rinse them out in the sea and bung them back in the picnic bag till next time. Check out OLPRO here for more of their amazing range and learn about their fun picnic club.

Every year we go to Poundland and stock up on beach toys. Or if you are in a UK beach town they are bound to have a pound shop which will sell the same products you can get on the beach for a fiver. And then spend the remaining £4 on? Ice cream of course!

Take it from someone who once had a daughter who jumped into an innocent looking puddle on the beach, that transpired to be a gaping sea filled hole. TAKE SPARE CLOTHES! No matter how much you shield your little one from the sea and the sand. Expect them to come back from the beach stinking and soaking!

Now all you need to do? Is persuade your other half to drive there and then carry all this lot down to the beach front!
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