Five Ways To Make The Most Of Visiting Just So For The Day!

This had definitely been the summer of festivals for me and my family and next weekend? We are off to another one which I am really excited about called the Just So Festival set in the beautiful Rode Hall Estate, Cheshire. Aimed at bringing the Arts to children, the festival includes everything from a Tribal Tournament (I plan to join the fox tribe!) to visiting a Marvellous Fairy City to taking part in a Charleston Workshop.

Whilst many people will be taking advantage and camping out during the weekend, as our children are still quite small we will just be dipping in for the day. So with all our summer festival expertise I thought I would offer a few tips if you are thinking about visiting just for the day, but still want to get the full experience!

Read Before You Leave
Often before you leave for a festival you will be able to access what's on. So take a few minutes to see what's on and what you would like to cram into your day. I may have (totally did like a huge geek) circled bits that I know my two would love to do. For example I know my girl will love to make Fairy Wands whilst my boy will want to take part in Circus Skills.

Fancy Dress Fun
A lot of family orientated festivals enjoy a fancy dress element. At the Just So festival before you go you decide to join a tribe. You may want to be a fox, or an owl. Or maybe a frog? You don't always need to go all out but it's nice to get your kids into the spirit of the event. And the benefit of not camping? You can don all your gear in a nice clean home!

Pack A Picnic
Another benefit of just going for the day is that you can take a picnic along. You can pack a full bag of little treats and make sure that you pack a good few drinks. At Just So there is a midnight feast so I think cake is a necessity to bring for that! Or do what my husband does? And gorge on any of the food stalls around the festival!

Bring a Buggy
A negative of not staying on site for a festival is not being able to nip back to your tent for a rest or for a little nap. So it is pretty much essential to bring along a buggy. Even better if you have a baby and a toddler? A buggy board is probably a must too. Most festivals have allocated baby areas and Just So in no different. With a Baby Feeding Boudoir and even a Baby Bath Time area.

Taking little ones out for the day can seem daunting but I have found so far that my two have loved it.   The key is to take it at your own pace and make sure you sit, relax and soak up your surroundings...and who knows next year? I may brave actually camping!

There are still tickets available for the Just So Festival for the Sunday so pop over and visit their site here. And The Just So Festival 2016 will run from 19 – 21 August 2016. Tickets will be on sale from Friday 28th August at 12 noon with early bird prices of £110 per adult and £45 per child for weekend tickets (£125 per adult and £50 per child after early birds have sold out). Under 3s are free!
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