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My Monthly Favourites: August

Now summer is over I've decided to have a few new features on the blog and here is the first 'My Monthly Favourites'. Each month I am going to do a little piece on some of the best things we've been sent to review or days out we've been invited to. So you can have a glimpse of some lovely new products on the market or have a nose at what we've been up to. Generally there is going to be a competition at the end and this month is no different...

Reviewing bags from Kipling with a kiss

Getting ready to do some hardcore chip testing at Beefeater Grill

Eating: Beefeater Grill, Kingswinford
This weekend my husband and I celebrated the 12th anniversary of us meeting in a dodgy club on Broad Street in Birmingham. We always like to mark the occasion each year. So rather than in days of old where we may have gone out to a quiet bistro for two, we hit the lovely family chain Beefeater Grill, armed with plasticine and colouring.

The staff were friendly and the food was exactly what we liked. My kids got to pick off the Mr Men Menu. Opting for sausage and chips and nuggets and chips. Each meal came with a Mr Men toy and I loved the way you could customise what you wanted whether it be mash, beans or peas. They ate the lot! The other half had a burger (standard) whilst I have a really generous portion of vegetable burritos. 

Pudding wise my husband ordered his favourite chocolate brownie whilst my two got to have a pudding as part of their menu. They chose this brilliant ice cream that came with a whole host of sweeties to make your very own weird character. We had a really lovely time. The food came quickly (ESSENTIAL for being with small children), the colouring kept them occupied and there were plenty of options to choose from. We will definitely pop in there again! To find a Beefeater Grill near you check out their site here.

Present: Spicers of Hythe Hamper
Now I don't mean to scare everyone and mention...the C word. Not that one! I meant Christmas! But it's not far round the corner and during the summer brands start to think about gifts. So I was exited when we were sent a lovely Christmas hamper from Spicers of Hythe. Filled with a host of amazing goodies this little treat would be perfect to send to a loved one far away or one closer so you can try it all out. Warning. If you get this? Tiny hands need to be kept well way! To look at the whole range of hampers on offer check out their site here.

Wearing: Back To School Bags from Kipling
As you know this month has been the start of both nursery and school for my two. Oh the many sobs. So it was lovely that Kipling sent along two bags from their Back To School range. Now I am sad to say that my daughter doesn't need a bag as she has to have one from the school. So I HAD to have the one they sent her. Only fair eh? My boy got the lovely cute Monkey 'Fast' bag whilst I, sorry I mean my girl, got 'Hanhee' backpack.

The brand is also currently promoting the 'Spark Your City' campaign where they are working with creative women across the globe to transform ordinary landmarks into extraordinary places. To find out more about the initiative pop along to the site here or to look at their back to school range check out Kipling here. 

Watching: CBeebies All Stars
You all know by now that my two are HUGE CBeebies fans. And I may have mentioned once or twice that I have a small (bordering on stalking) obsession with Mr Bloom. This two hour long DVD has a whole host of CBeebies favourites on including the Twirlywoos, The Furchester Hotel and my boys favourite In The Night Garden. This DVD (out on Sept 7th) is perfect if you are going on a long car journey and need to keep the kids quiet or if they are awake in that awful bit between when CBeebies starts and ends. Follow all the fun of CBeebies on their Facebook page here.

To be in with a chance to win a copy of this DVD please fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The winner will be drawn in two weeks. Good luck!

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  1. mr tumble

  2. I'm slightly obsessed with Makka Pakka. :)

  3. Sharon Hopkinson30 August 2015 at 20:20

    Bing bunny!

  4. Peter Rabbit

  5. Samantha Wheeler30 August 2015 at 21:07

    We love Bing in our house! (and Mummy loves Robert the Robot!)

  6. Definitely Mr Tumble! xx

  7. where do I start? Bing and Flop, Mr Tumble, Hey Duggy, Mr Bloom, basically all of them!

  8. Has to be Mr Tumble, he is so funny

  9. The Clangers, as I remember them from when I was little!!

  10. The twirlywoos are my fave characters! My little girl loves them too, she goes all quiet when it comes on TV.

    Although Justin aka Mr Tumble deserves a big shout out too, for his amazing work for kids with disabilities, I have much respect for him

  11. Mr Tumble after having seen him in Manchester over the summer, although I'm finally getting into Iggle Piggle, as at the age of 2 1/2, it's finally sending my daughter to sleep :-)

  12. Bing! His potty training tips are Great!

  13. We love Mr Tumble. It's the only show which will keep little one quiet for 5 minutes. Haha.

  14. We love Mr Tumble - he is so much fun and teaches sign language, which we are learning for my 9 month old daughter who is disabled. xxx

  15. We love baby jake! he's super cute and the songs are so catchy, they always get me and my little girl singing along

  16. I love Peter Rabbit, he is so naughty!


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