Pinterest Tips For The Non Pinner

As a blogger we are kind supposed to know what we are doing on every single social media going. Just when we think we've cracked twitter? We notice some other sod has got 8K+ Facebook fans. When you do a small trot of joy you hit 2K on Insta-sham it becomes clear someone else has nearly 1 MILLION Pinterest followers. GAH! So when the chance came up to pop along to a session ran by the lovely people from Pinterest I decided to go and embrace the prettiest of all sites.

I would say my blog is not very Pinterest friendly. I don't tend to do much about the beautiful but more about the funny. Which is often accompanied by rather unflattering pictures. So if you are like me?... Then hang on. Didn't you once do a post about your day out to CBeebies Land? Or you wrote that humorous advice piece on tantrums? Then? YOU CAN ROCK PINTEREST TOO! Here are a few tips to get your blog all over the social medium that usually involves stylish ladies and shabby chic kitchens.

1) Get Yourself An Account
My account is named after my blog so people can find it easily. You may also want to set your account up as a business one. This is free and opens you up to a whole lot of analytics (and you know us bloggers ruddy love analytics!).

2) Start Making Your Boards
Now you need to start making some boards. I have boards that relate to things I like (I have an obsession with fairy lights and bunting) and I pin lovely things on there I probably never will do. Then I have a few boards that relate to things I write over on the blog. For example my memes. However when you upload the photo make sure you edit it to link back to your blog. Then when it gets repined 5869 times (OK twice) people know where it came from and can visit you. Happy Days.

3) Become Pin-able
I used to just shove things on Pinterest whenever I issued a blog post. I didn't think about the photo. Now? I make an image for each post that is specifically for Pinterest. You can pop this at the top of your post so it automatically picks it. But as this doesn't really work for my blog I make a new one quickly on Pic Monkey. I choose a nice photo, and then put at the top what it is. So people can easily see what the post is about.

4) Words of Wisdom
What I found really interesting was that Pinterest said that people pin for themselves. So when they are looking for something it may be for a dream holiday or a dream party. Something they aspire to. Therefore the worlds on your pins really need to be like a lovely little blog post. For example don't put 'CBeebies Land' instead put 'CBeebies Land a lovely place to visit with small children and here are the ten best things to do there'. Entice people in to pin your post.

5) Numbers Mean Nowt
Pinterest isn't really like other social medias. In fact? It isn't a social media. You don't interact with people on there. So numbers don't really mean too much. You just need to ensure you are posting good quality pins from your site whilst also sharing other stuff you find interesting along the way. We were told you can never have too many boards, or too many pins. So if you want a board purely about Gary Barlow? Then so be it!

6) Become Evergreen
This was my favourite thing I got from the session. Pins on Pinterest are evergreen. So for example if you develop a recipe for Christmas Puddings. Every year at Christmas? That may get repinned. Make the posts you put on there relevant so they can be used time and time again. And often people pin a few months in advance. So get cracking with those Halloween posts!

Now get yourself joined up and come and follow me. Let's pin our not always pretty but sometimes a bit funny posts. Oh and if you come across a topless Gary Barlow? Send it to me ASAP. It's for a friend. Ahem.
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