Ten Things To Do In Butlins Before You're 5!

Everyone has heard of Butlins right? The quintessential British holiday camp. With it's Red Coats, entertainment and all round cheesiness. However as someone who returns with their family year after year. I am here to tell you that it is so much more than that! And if you have little ones it truly is an amazing place and I promise you will make them very, very happy. So? Here are Ten Things To Do In Butlins Before You Are 5! 

1) Spend an afternoon in the sun on the free fun fair. With all the old classics including the waltzers, a helter skelter, carousel and of course trampolines! The queues are quite small and if you jump high enough? You may just see the sea!

2) Con your mother into buying bubble machines the second you walk in the door of the nighttime entertainment venues. Then? Spend the next hour blowing bubbles in her face and making her laugh.

3) Get up, dressed, eat your buffet breakfast and walk to one of the parks and have a ruddy good play before 8.30am!

4) Pop to the ice cream shop and buy the BIGGEST strawberry cheesecake ice cream, in a chocolate dipped cone, with a flake. Then jump onto the nearest deckchair and get most of it around your mouth.

5) Take part in a circus skills class with Butlin's very own Skyline Gang. Make your Mum weep as she is so proud of you. Then get together with the whole crew and smile for a photo.

6) Pop your swimming costumes on, some sun tan lotion and have an amazing time splashing in the outdoor swimming pool whilst your Dad? Gets his shorts wet and burns his back.

7) Wait in line to attend one of the sites daily 'Get Crafty' sessions and spend a happy hour paining rainbows with the lovely Red Coats whilst your Mum reads for a bit (bliss).

8) After breakfast go and play a quick game of football with lots of other tots and professionals. But watch out! Mum might get a little bit competitive!

9) Leave Butlins for the day, cross the road and spend a lovely few hours playing on the beach. Bury Dad, splash Mum and try a bit of sand (and realise it tastes disgusting).

10) Take part in the Tots Disco each night. And let your Mum watch you happily dance to Frozen with the Red Coats whilst she takes a well deserved break and has a pina colada.

There's loads of other things to do such as meet Bob the Builder, watch shows with everything from Scooby Doo to Barney. You can hire bikes or whizz down the slides in the indoor swimming pool. Hopefully I'll see you here next year? I'll be the one trying to get my husband to stop eating 50 sausages at the buffet breakfast.

This is not a sponsored post, or a review. We paid for our Minehead holiday. 
And? Just loved it!
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