Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Pressure

I've been on holiday this week. And all around me have been smiling faces, laughing and parents making memories. But I've also noticed various children weeping, dropping to the floor having tantrums and parents saying through gritted teeth "be nice we are on holiday!". And it dawned on me that sometimes we put ourselves and our little ones under so much pressure to "HAVE FUN!".

Every day I ask my daughter what she has enjoyed most about our holiday. For example yesterday we went to the beach, an outdoor swimming pool, a puppet show, a disco and a show with Angelina Ballerina in. And her reply? "Nothing". WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOTHING??? She literally had the dream day for a four year old but she just shrugged her shoulders and said "nothing". And since I have had children it is clear that this is a bit of a theme.

Having fun?

At birthday parties more often than not the toddler birthday boy or girl will have a strop, a breakdown during pass the parcel or weep in the middle of soft play. Confronted with their favourite cartoon character at a theme park they will refuse to have a photo or a certain two year old boy may have (totally did) fallen asleep during the middle of In The Night Garden Live. Did he not know he was supposed to be making memories???


Memories for who? For him? Nah. He's two! Sometimes he forgets what he has had for his dinner the loon. It's for us isn't it? We put everyone under pressure for us. As we are aware that time is going so fast that we want to savour every minute. And it's not a bad thing surely. We want every single second of our children's lives to be fun filled and happy. We want photos to remember when you drove ten hours to Disneyland so they could meet Micky. We are always trying out best to make sure ours is the kids that doesn't end f*cked up by us.

Enjoying your ice cream?

So I've decided to look at it from a different angle. Rather than angrily glare at the overpriced Baby Annabel with the overpriced Baby Annabel pram my daughter BEGGED for four her fourth birthday and has NEVER EVER played with since. I am going to endeavour to look at it and pat myself on the back for just wanting my kid to be happy. That hopefully when she is in her 30's she will remember that she more often than not got what she wanted on her Christmas list.

Sorry for bringing you to the beach

Because every single thing we do from reading a book at bedtime, to a grand gesture like filling a bedroom full of balloons whilst they sleep, is forming part of them. When they are tiny their little minds don't understand it and yes whilst it can be f*cking frustrating when they ruin that beautiful family photo or don't give a s*it Peppa is hugging them. But try and take a deep breath. Look around and be aware you are doing an amazing job moulding your small grumpy one to grow up and be a happy big one. High five us!



  1. You are so right. We are building up wonderful memories for them and helping to form these little people, but they really don't realise it yet! We were away last week and as we checked in to our hotel for the evening, the receptionist asked Boo what she'd done that day 'we've had pizza' she replied excitedly. Well yes, and there was the whole day out at Legoland thing.... Ah well x

    1. This made me laugh so much I told my other half!! x

  2. Ha couldn't agree more! Looks like you are having a lovely Summer holiday. x

  3. Yep, you're definitely right; I know I make a huge fuss of wanting things to be right for them - and then get the same response you do to the question 'what was best?' We went to a massive outdoor play park with giant treehouses etc the other week and when I asked my DD what she'd enjoyed most? Only the bloody McDonald's on the way home....! Looks like you're having an amazing holiday! Enjoy what's left x

    1. Thanks lovely! We have had such a feab few days. Sad to go home! x

  4. Did my comment work? Gah! Basically I was saying that our kids are all spoilt brats. Or are they? Most of the time they didn't actually ask for it! Couldn't free more. On the plus side, your kiddos are cuties :) x

  5. This is a great post. You looked like you are all enjoying your holidays! :) x

  6. Great way of looking at it. I know my husband gets cross if my kids don't appreciate it if we've taken the kids out for the day, but I remember what I was like as a kid - kids are ungrateful. They just don't realise they're 'supposed' to be grateful. But one day they'll look back and realise they had a pretty good childhood, thanks to their parents putting just a bit of effort in for them.


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