The Reasons Why Dad's? ROCK HOLIDAYS!

I know us Mum's rock. 99.9% of the time we are the organiser, the do-er and the worrier. The one that works out how to wean tiny people or potty train grumpy toddlers. But? There are those times in life where Dad's? Rock. They smash it. So let's focus on the fact that Dad's on holiday trump us Mum's massively. Whilst we are furiously packing swimming nappies or worrying about sun tan lotion and sun hats. They are thinking "F*CK IT! Let's make some mother f*cking giant sandcastles!". 

Dad's don't worry about forgetting the buggy or lugging a giant bag around. They just pick up two small children and ruuuuuuuuuuun. Bar the times they put one on their shoulders and we have to shout "be careful!".

Dad's spend £40 playing on fair games just the win a £1 toy that will make their kids squeal with utter delight (please note the bare feet in this shot, commitment to the game).

Dad's are happy in the same pair of shorts for a week. As long as they get their hands on the daily tabloid (anyone seen his shoes?). 

If it's p*ssing it down Dad's will still get stuck in at the waterpark. Getting their clothes for the day soaked, not worrying about getting their hair wet or shouting "be careful you don't slip!" every three minutes. 

Dad's believe ALL food consumed on holiday to be calorie free. This goes for the five sausages a day at breakfast, the curry/burger/apple pie and custard combo at tea time. And not forgetting the midday snack of fries and churros at the fun fair. 

Dad's don't mind looking like d*cks on photos. In fact? They encourage it. 

Dad's do those things that Mums deem to be too high and perilous. And do it all with a massive grin and carrying one small child on their shoulders ("BE CAREFUL!"). 

Dad's love rides more than kids. In fact one wonders if Dad's have kids just to go on fair rides? 

Dad's buy Mums piƱa coladas when they are feeling a bit stressed about the routine going out the window. And ask for a silly brolly to go in it. 

So the next time you are thinking "you utter b*stard" whilst packing four suitcases and five bin bags full of crap for your whole family. Take a breath. And think of the times on the beach where you can read your book for ten minutes whilst your other half gets buried up to his head in a mixture of sand and dog turds. God bless 'em. 
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