What A Result!

Today all across the country parents eagerly waited to hear their what their 16 year olds had got in their GCSEs. How many they passed and what impact this would have on their future life. Teenagers nervously opened envelopes praying they had got a B in something. Perhaps scraped a C in something else. But what you probably didn't notice is the equally nervous teachers...standing and watching on from the sidelines.

You may not know that they didn't sleep much the night before results day either. That they drove to work on their day off to see what the kids they had so lovingly taught for one, two or even five years had got in their final big exam. How they shake a little as they get the printouts in their trays, or catch a quick look over the shoulder of a student who was a predicted a C but always worked to an E. And silently fist pumping the air and mouthing "YES!" when you see they got a B.

The more cynical people amongst you may think that now in the age of performance related pay for teachers that results day really is of high importance. It now means that you may or may not get a pay rise. And for a small handful of people this is the case but I am here to say that as I enter my 11th year into the profession? For the majority of us...wait for it...we controversially? Just want our pupils to do well.

Yep. Whilst other people think that teenage children would be one of life's more disheartening professions there are some of us out there? That love it. Now I'm not saying that it is all roses and hearts. And that every single child I have taught in my time has been a dream. I have been swore at, chairs have been thrown, there has been sick to deal with and more than the odd fight to break up. But on the whole? I have found teaching to be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

I am not here to talk about the pressures that teachers are under, there are plenty of posts that discuss that, I am just here to talk about the love we feel for other people's children. We notice when they get their haircut, or pick up on if they are feeling sad. At the weekends we might pop to see a child take part in a football game and every year one or two of us may (totally do) weep at the school prom. We then pick ourselves up and get ready for the new cohort of Year 7s to come in in September.

So whilst GCSE results day is a pretty big deal in your household and whilst your child is celebrating (and hopefully not commiserating) remember it's a pretty big deal in our households to. And we have to go through it every single year. I'm thankfully toasting my results this year...and let's hope I can do the same for the next 20 or so to come...
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