Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Day With My Boy

I am now really lucky that I have the privilege of my son's company two days a week. All alone. Just the two of us. By ourselves. It's amazing because it is something that I have always felt a bit guilty about. That he missed that bonding time when he was a baby as his crazy sister was always running around. On our first day together we decided to hit the local woods and took our brand new iCandy Raspberry pushchair with us.

My son is two and will not be needing a pushchair every day but if we go on long walks, or if he is tired at the end of the day he still really needs it. So I am hoping this iCandy will see us through to the time he doesn't need one any more (sob). It was really easy to assemble and I managed to do it myself! (Unheard of. I am useless!). We opted for the chrome chassis with the 'beetle' liner. I thought this would be perfect for autumn. And may hide my boys muddy footprints!

First stop dropping big sister off at school!

What I liked about the Raspberry straight away were the handles. They are really easy to extend and I know that for my husband (who literally is a giant) the joy of having extra long handles will make his life easier. 

Next let's hit the woods!

The pushchair is a really smooth push (does that make sense? You know what I mean!). It glides and my little man was really comfortable in it. The section at the front where he rests his feet actually is a waterproof box to keep all your bits and bobs which is really handy. As my boy is that little bit older I loved the fact that the seat can go upright and he can look around at his surroundings.

Finally getting to the top of the hill!

I would say that rather than being a pushchair that you would use on long country walks or over really rocky ground the Raspberry is perfect for city walks. It is quite slim and would be amazing for shops and days out. It folds down easily and can be popped in your boot nicely.

Let's go!

My favourite feature of the whole iCandy is the underneath. It is really deep and so easy to put things in and get them out. For years I've struggled with shoving bags, picnics, balls and all sorts in the bottom of buggies but this is so simple and if course there is the extra box at the front for all your knick knacks.



We had an amazing day out and my boy came home and fell straight asleep in my bed! And I may have (totally did) had a little sleep with him. For further information about the iCandy Raspberry please check out the site here or visit here for a more in depth review


  1. Oh, he looks so sweet in it! Though I miss my girl being at school, I do appreciate the time that it gives me with my boy xx

  2. Wow looks incredible! I have been looking for a nice lightweight pushchair! The raspberry looks awesome, and i like how many different colours there are!

  3. I own the raspberry and totally agree about how easy it is to push around! i use it around the town and have not once ever regretted owning this stroller, i went for the Atlantic flavour pack :)


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