Busy...Doing Nothing

I've come to a decision. This year is going to be the last year where I am in the company of a small child for full days. Chances are that from September 2016 my son will attend pre-school three hours a day, five day a week. I will be stuck back in the routine of walking back and forth up the road. So for this year? My plans are? Nothing. Yep. Nothing. No plans. I have no clue what I'm doing.

There will be no attending of tumble tots, or rhythm and rhyme. I will not be going to local playgroups or joining an art class. My son does one full day at nursery and two afternoons he goes to classes with his Nan. He's getting all the mental stimulation that a little boy needs. So I've made the decision to just...'be' (look at me being all w*nky). To embrace adventure. On the two days that I am with my son we are just going to go where the wind takes us. It could be kicking leaves in the park, running screaming around Thomas Land or snuggling up in bed gorging on a Toy Story marathon.

If there is anything I have learnt from my daughter starting reception is that time goes so very, very quickly. One minute you are staring blearily eyed at Peppa Pig all morning with a tiny tot. Then in the blink of an eye? You are shoving on shoes, grabbing coats and rushing into the playground before the bell goes. I feel like I didn't fully embrace being the Mum of a small child. I continuously tried to do messy play (which I sucked at), attend playgroups (which I hated, totally my issue. I was a miserable cow) and worried that she wasn't doing enough. And I really miss her.

Perhaps I am being a bad role model. And deep down I am probably being super self indulgent. But I don't care. Whilst being a parent is certainly the hardest thing I have ever had to do it is also the most rewarding. Those moments (minus the tantrums and boy does he have some corkers) where it is just you and your kiddo can be addictive. Cuddles, naps together, eating the odd happy meal, going into a shop and saying "PICK WHATEVER YOU WANT!" (and by that I mean in Poundland). This year I am going hell for leather and doing it all.

So if you want to find me on a Monday and a Thursday. Between 9am and 3pm? I will be somewhere with my son. Dunno where. God knows what we will be up to. Doubtlessly sometimes I will be able to be seen exasperated in Asda whilst he screams over not getting a cake but more often than not? We will be wrapped up warm in scarves, running, laughing and saying "SCREW YOU COLOURS! SOD YOU ABCS! GET LOST NUMBERS!". He's got a lifetime of learning ahead. For now? He's mine. All mine.

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