8 Ways To Totally Win At Facebook

Blogging is amazing. But it can also be a pain in the bum. There are so many different types of social media around to promote your writing but once you have one mastered? You find that everyone else is conquering another. It’s frustrating. And the one question I get asked by the most people is how I get quite a lot of interaction on my Facebook page. It is what brings the most viewers to my blog and one of the most satisfying parts of my hobby. Every day I get to chat to an amazing group of women (and the odd man) who genuinely are interested in what I have to say. 

So I thought I would put together a few tips that I use that help me with my Facebook page and hopefully will help you too! These are not from any actual real life expert. Just from my head. And remember. In my head? There is a lot of information about Gary Barlow and Britney. So to be honest this may not be that helpful.

1) Followers: Quality over Quantity
You could be tempted to think that whoever has the most followers is the most successful on Facebook. This is not always the case. Often you may have bloggers or brands that have 100’s of thousands of followers but if you look at their posts? Some only get 2 or 3 likes on them. Which means that people who have ‘liked’ their page are not necessarily ‘liking’ their content. This can be a problem as…

2) You Are Only As Popular As Your Last Post
I don’t understand the algorithms of Facebook but what I do know is the more popular your post? The next time you post something it will get sent out to more of your ‘fans’. Facebook doesn’t share your content with everyone who likes your page. As if you followed 100 pages? That’s a 100 pages worth of brand stuff you would get through before you could find your mates status's about what they had for their tea. It’s annoying. But it’s a rule. CURSE THEM! So you should…

3) Engage Your Fan
They like you. They liked your page. So you need to keep producing the goods to keep them happy. It may be you are a style blog and those kinda posts engage them. It could be like me your followers enjoy the funny side of Motherhood. I also know there are things that people who like my Facebook page hate. And by hate I mean ignore and for me these are: competitions, certain types of reviews and YouTube. Yeah they hate my YouTube. Because I…

Think about what you write in the description of your post!

4) Tried Things Out
Ever so often I will pop something on my page and gauge how my Facebook audience takes to it and there are certain posts they truly have NO interest in. And remember if you are only as good as your last post? Then if you are only going to get a handful of likes? It’s actually at a detriment to your page. Your next post, which is AMAZING, will not be seen by as many people and that’s totes sad. Unless you…

Controversial this one. But? Every week or so I spend £3 to ‘boost’ a post. When you do this you can target an audience. You can pick and choose who it gets seen by. So have a look at your analytics and this should give you a guide of your target audience. Think about the post you boost. It needs to appeal to the general public. Someone who stumbles across it and thinks it’s interesting. So something generic. Not a linky or something specific to blogging as…

6) There’s More To Life Than Bloggers
I LOVE BLOGGERS! I have met some amazing people through blogging but I would think deep down most of us want to appeal to the general public. Most of us want to be read by other people and not just bloggers. Being read, liked and shared by the general public may help a post go viral or get picked up by a National newspaper. So really think about what you are putting out there. You could try…

Photos = followers!

7) Photos Make Likes
I have found some of my most popular posts have been photos. And I know we really want people to read our blog but Facebook LOVES photos. It shares photos to more followers and often they can get liked and shared 1000’s of times. Which helps you to pick up a few hundred likes in the process. I also share status’s and they too get a lot of engagement. Meme’s work well. But often meme’s are copied, pasted and used by other people (I’ve had magazines use mine) and there’s not much you can do except get super grumpy about it all. Which brings me nicely to…

8) There Is More To Life Than Facebook
It is easy to get wound up by the success of others. I have friends who are hugely successful on Facebook (check out The Unmumsy Mum here and Hurrah for Gin here) but? You know what. Life’s like that. You need to focus on you. Every person that has liked your page has liked it as they want to get to know you. Whether it be that you take amazing photos of your kids, show off your beautiful home or like me moan about your husband a lot. They are your audience and you know them best. So show off what you’ve got and go forth and multiply your likes.
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