Making Time For Me (Almost)

Just before summer I was started to feel pretty exhausted. Looking after two small children and working I was finding it really hard to fit in any 'me' time. And if any opportunities came up I was turning them down in favour of sitting in front of the tele in my pyjamas (bliss!). I decided that from September I was going to try and push myself and do things for 'me'. And this week I did just that by attending a cocktail master class ON A TUESDAY (I KNOW!) and also getting my brows threaded. With a tiny person in tow.

I had a day with the girl alone and we took a drive down to Rugby to check out their brand new Debenhams store. I LOVE Debenhams so it was great to have a tour round a lovely fresh shop. Set in a new retail park the store is perfect if you want to pop out and have a mooch round whilst the baby is napping in the buggy. The parking is great and the store is spacious enough to push a pushchair around and not knock a million things over.

My girl got to pose a lot in the mirrors whilst I chatted to the ladies on the make up counters and dreamt of owning all three Naked Palettes. I also got my eyebrows threaded which was surprisingly pain free. And I had a lovely hand massage from Clarins. My girl? Ate about ten cakes and ran around like a loon. But it was a nice way to spend a bit of time together before the start of school. SOB. If you are in the area check out the new Debenhams in Elliotts Field, Rugby.

At the start of the week I was invited to a strictly NON child friendly environment, the beautiful The Botanist bar on Temple street in Birmingham. It was to take part in one of their cocktail masterclasses that start from £25 per head. I took my lovely friend Rachael along with me to the class and had the best laugh I have had in ages!

Taking place over two hours (and best with a group of around 8) you are allocated one of the bars lovely cocktail experts to teach you how to make three of their most popular drinks. First we got to watch the lovely Jacob make a cocktail step by step and then we popped behind the bar to try it ourselves. With Jacob giving the final taste test to who's was best (I won round 1 BOOM!).

What I loved most about the evening was how Rachael and I were quite reserved with making the first cocktail. But by cocktail number three? I was pouring in three bottles at once and shoving in garnish like there was no tomorrow! The cocktails we got to make were the English Mojito (featuring gin and my favourite of course), next up was the Rose Mai Tai and finally the Cherry Blossom Martini. 

Despite being with a group of other bloggers we had not met before, the beautiful surroundings and let's be honest the vast amount of booze meant that we were cheering and whooping as everyone completed making their drinks. This would be the perfect place to go on a hen do, or maybe a nice afternoon session with some mates. I plan to go back over the festive season and tie it in with visiting the German Market. If you are interested in taking part in a cocktail masterclass visit their site here.
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