Sunday, 13 September 2015

My Boy And The Thomas Daring Dragon Drop Set

As you may know I am now off work with my boy two full days alone a week. And it is amazing. It's so much fun to spend one on one time with him and not have him fighting with my girl, continuously. He's a huge Thomas fan so a lot of our time is playing with his Take-n-Play sets which currently fill up our playroom. This week? He got the chance to try out the new Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Daring Dragon Drop Set. And? He loved it!

The toy train set was very easy to put together, and folds up nicely for storage. It came complete with a Thomas but as we have LOADS of the Take-n-Play trains we had a whole load of Percy's, Stephen's and Henry's to play with it! It does require 2 batteries but luckily the set already comes with some.

Not only can you ride your trains around the bottom of the Daring Dragon Drop Set you can also pop your Thomas on the zip wire above and try and escape from the Dragon Island volcano. The volcano flashes and also makes a rumbling noise which made my boy sequel with glee. We now have all of the Take-n-Play sets lined up together and Thomas and co go from one adventure to another. They must be ruddy exhausted! 

Overall it was a fantastic toy which has kept my boy entertained. It would be great as a birthday present or for Christmas and is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play sets.

We were sent this toy to review!


  1. We have a Take-n-Play set and it is really good. Handy and fun, my son likes his, too :)

    1. They are so much fun aren't they? Both of my two love them! x


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