Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Ultimate Autumn Bag

Each year I like to invest in one nice coat, one nice pair of boots and a nice bag for the Autumn and Winter season. This year I’ve gone for a lovely blazer style coat from New Look, some amazing black leather chelsea boots from Debenhams and I was lucky enough to be sent MY DREAM BAG from vintage leather bag company Scaramanga.

Bags suddenly become really important when you have a baby. Too big? And they make the buggy fall over (and yes I know we aren’t supposed to put bags on buggies and OK so I still do). Too small? And you can’t shove all the necessary crap in that a ‘Mum Bag’ requires. So the Classic London Tan Leather Satchel 15 inch with handle is ideal. Not only is there a strap that can go across the body but also a handle for those times when you need to pick it up and run after a child quickly (more often than not screaming across a park).

Whilst there are a range of colours on offer I chose tan as it is my all time favourite Autumnal colour. It goes amazing with big chunky burgundy wooly scarves or thick grey tights. And gives a pop of colour on a grey, cold October day. Arriving in a lovely decorative dust cover, I know that this is the kind bag will grow better with age. I can’t wait till it looks all bashed and the leather loses a bit of the newness it has now.

The photos from this post are from a day mooching around Kensington with the other half. And yes I looked weird taking photos of a bag alone. But you know what? I didn’t ruddy care. If you would like to take a look at the range of leather bags on offer at Scaramanga visit their website here. And maybe subtly send a link to your other half for your Christmas list.

For more of my Autumn (Fall) Favourites check out my YouTube upload below!



  1. Lucky you! It is gorgeous just perfect for the fall.

    1. It is beautiful and comes in so many lovely colours! x

  2. That is a lovely bag! I'm very impressed that you are stylish and organised enough to get a new coat, bag and boots every autumn. I'm such a scruff that I get a new coat every 4 or 5 years, new boots every 2 or 3 (when they've got holes in them) and a new bag after about 18 months ie when the old one has fallen apart!

    1. Ha ha ha! I do get one very year. It is my treat. Costs a whole pay packet and then I am screwed for the month! x


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