Potty Training Won't Beat Me This Time!

When I potty trained my daughter I was so traumatised I wrote a post entitled 'How Potty Training Nearly Broke Me' and it did. It was awful. I did everything wrong. So this time? I am going to try and do it right! So here are the steps to help me not have a total breakdown potty training my little boy. Hopefully they will work and will help you too... 

Wait Till The Time Is Right
When I potty trained my daughter, she had just turned two and I had just had my son. It was also Winter?! What was I thinking! I had clearly lost my tiny mind. This time my boy is two and half and has a habit of taking his nappy off shouting "POO!" so he's obviously ready!

Get Everything Ready In The House
We were lucky that HUGGIES® sent us a pack of goodies to have in the house ready for the big event. But if you were thinking of getting some things to hand ready for when you potty train your little one things you may need are: a potty or training seat, some reward charts and reward stickers and a pack of three (as you will get through a few at first) HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®. We opted for the 'Cars' one as my boy loves that film.

Explaining What's Going On
We have got a book about potty training from The Works that we read to my son. There are loads available. I bet you could even rent one from your local library. We explained what we wanted from him calmly and let him have a good look at the potty. In fact we have had one in our bathroom for a few weeks so it isn't alien to him. He enjoys a pre-bath wee whilst we cheer.

Eventually with my daughter what really worked was a reward chart. So this time we have decided to use the HUGGIES® ones that we were sent. There is a little chart that we will stick up in his bedroom and probably have another one downstairs. We will let him pop the stickers on himself as then he will be able to see how he progresses.

If At First You Don't Succeed...Have A Little Time Off
With my daughter we just persevered and really I think we should have had a little break. But this time round if he starts to get a bit upset about popping on the potty or regresses a bit we we take a few days off. With the Pull-Ups® we can encourage him to go to the loo or on the potty but if he has a little accident it really doesn't matter!

If you would like any further potty training tips or need any further information about HUGGIES® Pull-Ups please pop over to their site here.

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