Sunday, 20 September 2015

Rock N Rolling After School!

So we are the end of my girls first fortnight at school. She has done SO well. And seems to be randomly winning prizes all the time for tidying up or choosing an apple over a biscuit. She runs in and skips home. I am so pleased and relieved that she is enjoying it. As a little treat I popped a brand new Rock 'N Royals Barbie on her pillow for when she got in one day last week. 

We are really lucky to have reviewed loads of Barbie's on the blog before but this one is kinda of my girls dream. If you ask what she wants to be when she is older it is a hybrid teacher/popstar/princess. So with the Rock 'N Royals she got two out of the three (she can get the teacher bit from me).

Taken from the film Barbie Rock 'N Royals, Courtney has a magic jewel that you press to make her sing. If you move her arm she also sings and her skirt turns round to reveal that she is not only a princess, but a popstar too? This made my girl squeal. And I'm not saying that I have heard the song 476 times now, but I have. I have also caught myself miming to it in the mirror.

Both of my two have loved playing with Courtney and even took her for a sleepover at their Grandparents this weekend. For further information check out the Barbie site here or pop to your local toyshop and get one for your kiddo for Christmas! (WARNING: I am humming the song now. By Boxing Day? The whole family will be joining in).

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  1. So pleased that she's enjoying it all and doing so well. A treat well-deserved xx


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