Time Stops For No Mum

This week I have had a cold. It started on Saturday whilst I was on a mini break with the other half (sods law) and I am still in the midsts of it now. But? Has time stopped? Have I been able to sit back relax and watch a bit of tele? No. As when you become a parent you are in charge of a life force that keeps on going, even if you so desperately need to stop. And vice versa. When they are poorly? Your whole world grinds to a halt.

Have I still had to make sure that my daughters school uniform is ready each morning? Of course. When my son crept into my bed at midnight last night did I tell him to sod off? No way. Because as a Mother we permanently live in second place. There are still meals to be cooked (that you probably won't eat), washing to be done (even though you want to live in your pyjamas) and homework to complete (despite you desperately wanting just to sit down). We stick on a smile, wipe our noses and get on with it.


And this is a f*cking amazing quality. A gift that motherhood gives us. Whilst I know we need to ensure we still have our 'me time' we should also celebrate that we can completely and totally give up our heart, mind and soul to take care of our children. Sometimes it's exhausting and frustrating. Sometimes we want to scream "WHAT ABOUT ME?". But then? We call our friends up, cancel our plans and get on with covering our little one in calamine lotion after a surprise breakout of chicken pox on your first night out in two years.

Add up the times evening out have had to be rearranged, weekends away put on hold, birthday presents unwrapped by our small children and not by us. It's endless. Nights before work we have spent mopping brows or hugging a crying baby to sleep. Those days we have had to plaster our face in make up to get through a Christening or hen do trying to ignore the bit of sick on our best suit jacket.


And whilst we moan about it (and boy do I love a good moan) we wouldn't expect it any other way. It's what our Mothers did for us and what our children will do for our Grandkids. So tonight if you are awoken at 2am with a "I need a weeeeeeee" or like me lying in a pool of your own snot whilst two children use my head as a bouncy castle. Roll your eyes, think "oh for Gods sake" and then proper pat yourself on the back. We? Rock.
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