Top Tips For Taking Tots To The Theatre!

I love being out of the house with the kids. A close friend of mine said that they are just easier to love when you are out of the confines of your home. And I totally agree. Being stuck indoors all day will drive even the sanest of parents crackers.

I really enjoy doing activities with the girl and the boy that I myself like doing, and one of those is going to watch shows. I really enjoy the whole experience of visiting the theatre. The lights, the excitement, the music (the pick and mix). So here is a few tips if you are thinking of taking your toddler to the theatre and are a bit apprehensive. Featuring the very lovely Mister Maker and the amazing Tree Fu Tom Live.

Pick Your Show Carefully
We have been to see a quite few shows and I must admit the ones that have gone down a treat are ones that the kids have really been excited about. This weekend we went to see Tree Fu Tom Live at the Old Rep, Birmingham and both my children are huge fans. The night before we made sure that we watched an episode to get really in the mood for the next day. By the time they got there they were rabid!

Before The Show
Have a little look at the show before you go so you know what you are letting yourself in for. Often you can pop on YouTube and watch a clip of what the show is going to be like. For example I've done vlogs of shows such as Ben and Holly so you can show the kids what they are going to watch. We were really lucky to meet Mister Maker last week and he said that his show at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham in October is going to be just like his TV show (but with some added extra bits!).

Snacks And Treats
Be warned you will be attacked with a whole range of (expensive) character products and those ruddy inflatable balloons that never ever EVER deflate. So be prepared and take some snacks yourself and even a new little toy with you. Or? Make sure you take some cash. At Tree Fu Tom Live we splashed out and brought some sweets in the lovely gift shop at The Old Rep before the show. Also we were super lucky as they put on some arts and crafts prior to it starting. My two were happy with their home made masks!

In The Show
Again prepare your little one for the fact the lights will go down and there will be loud music. Also have a think if there are going to be any 'baddies' in it. The girl hates baddies. If you opt for a CBeebies themed theatre show you can guarantee it's not going to be the scariest of plots. 

Best Shows To See
A lot of the big kids shows that come round do matinee shows. These are great for tots. They are full of other crazy mad toddlers and exasperated parents. You will not be alone. We went to see Tree Fu Tom Live at the 3:30pm showing and it was perfect. We sang, danced and had a right laugh!

Enjoy It!
Oh we make a real fuss when we go to a show. We always dress up if we can and we usually get the soundtrack or download the songs off You Tube a few days before. It doesn't need to be expensive. It can be a local am dram show, or a show at a holiday camps. Anywhere really. You will be shocked at how well you toddler will cope. Promise!

Future shows coming up that your little ones may like are Mister Maker at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham on 9th and 10th October. Check here for tickets. And whilst Tree Fu Tom Live may not be on at The Old Rep anymore. Their festive show this year is a fun pirate adaptation of Treasure Island so pop along to get tickets here!
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