Christmas Gift Guides: A Little Luxury For Mummy

Welcome to my new weekly slot. Throughout November I will be picking some ideas for presents to get the ones you love most for Christmas. Starting with the main lady herself 'Mummy'. Every Mum loves a little treat and more often than not it's not the expensive things that we enjoy the most but the ones that make us feel like we have a little bit of luxury in our lives. So here are some low cost ways to make Mum feel like a princess for the day. OK relaxed, clean and full of chocolate. 

1) Yankee Candle Crimson Flurries
Mums LOVE a Yankee Candle but clearly having small children around fire? Is not a Mothers friend. The Scenterpiece MeltCup Warmer allows you to pop wax into it and once it is plugged in it heats up to melt the wax minus the flame. The MeltCups come in all of your favourite Yankee Candle flavours (am I the only one that calls them flavours?). I for one would love to spend Christmas day having a good old sniff of 'Christmas Cookie'. To find out more check out Yankee Candle here.

2) Lily Charmed Necklaces
One of the best things about being a blogger is that you get introduced to brands you may otherwise not have heard of. Lily Charmed got in touch with me and asked if I would like to custom make a necklace. I decided to get one for my sister for her Christmas present off the kids. When I visited the site I WAS AMAZED! You can literally design any necklace you want. Could be silver like the one I chose or gold. Short or long. Anything!

You also get to go through a whole range of different charms to put on it. I opted for a 'C' and a pearl. I thought not only do they look beautiful together but also my sister could take one off whilst she wears the other and vice versa. I loved it so much I may have ordered my husband to get me one to. Even better news is that Lily Charmed are offering readers a 10% off discount if you use the code BRUMMY10 up until Christmas! So get ordering one here for your best mate...(or yourself).

3) Fat Face 
Fat Face is a brand that a lot of my friends love and I bet you didn't know they also dabble in lovely little presents too? Their new festive decor range has a few bits and pieces I would love to find under the tree. The scents I have chosen are lovely and fresh for example the linen and lavender candles. I've not tried diffusers yet but this mini set seems a good place to start. It also contains one of my all time favourite smells in the form of vanilla which I would for sure shove in my bathroom. I would then have a lovely bath and ignore the mania of my children screaming downstairs. Find out more here.

4) Hotel Chocolat
One sure fire way to get a bit of luxury in your life is to consume some super posh chocolates. Hotel Chocolat currently have a lovely range of festive treats that would be perfect to try and squeeze in after your turkey dinner. I loved the Classic Christmas H Box featuring 14 festive flavours and I thought the Winter Nano Slab Gallery looked amazing. Especially the Banoffi Pie bar. My actual dream flavour. Check Hotel Chocolate out here.

5) Cath Kidston Zip Purse
I am a huge fan of Cath. I call her Cath and I feel we are destined to be vintage rose loving besties. I stumbled across this set of three zip purses whilst I was drooling over what was new in for this season. I think they would be perfect to be used for a range of different things from a mini-makeup bag, to a pencil case, to just a snazzy place to keep your nappy sacks. Check out my mate Cath's site here.

6) Soap And Glory
So you've got the chocolates and a variety of candles. Finally you need a nice pamper set to really enjoy a bit of luxury during the Christmas holiday. This Soap And Glory In The Bag set gives you mini versions of some of their best sellers so you can really go about making sure every inch of your body is scrubbed and moisturised. You will be ready to go out and hit the town on New Year! (or stay in and do nothing but smell nice in your pyjamas like me).
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