Dossing Around The Docks

My family and I love going away. Whether it be for a day trip or a full weeks holiday abroad. We work best whilst we are adventuring around the world. So this half term we had a few days spare so went to stay in Liverpool and have some city excitement. Whilst I did used to visit back in my footloose and fancy free days, it's been ages since I went so it was great to go back and explore. Not quite so footloose and definitely not fancy free.

First stop was the AMAZING ONE shopping centre. With a brilliant selection of shops on offer it was beautifully clean, had fab parking and was super easy to push a buggy around. We popped to a Verbaudet event which was just outside the Odeon and by the food quarter. Here my girl got to do what she does best. Some arts and crafts as well as getting her face painted (and as per usual having a breakdown approximately ten minutes later and making me wipe it off. Grrr).

We were really lucky that whilst we visited Liverpool we got the chance to stay in a Travelodge that was right on the docks. We've stayed in quite a few since we've had the kids so we knew that it was going to be ideal for the four of us. The family room came with a double bed and two singles. And as standard practice with two small children, we ended up shoving the singles together and each of us going to bed at 8pm with a child snuggled up against us (don't tell the other half but I quite liked it!).

I even managed to get a bit of 'me time' in the form of a bath with a cheeky Lush bathbomb from the local store, a bag of Maltersers and a lovely cup of tea. And yes I do take my own mug on holiday so back off. Both days we got to try out the buffet breakfast and my husband LOVES a Travelodge breakfast so we ridiculously happy gorging on sausages like a maniac.

We spent a lot of our time in Liverpool mooching around the shopping centre and the docks. We ate at a few lovely places including Circo and Bill's and my two really loved the boats and water. They clearly thought we were at the seaside. We popped into the Tate and also spent a lovely morning roaming around the Liverpool World Museum which houses an aquarium and a bugs section. I really feel that we could have stayed an extra few days and would have managed to fill our time quite nicely.

I plan to go back again soon. Maybe on a girly weekend or as it is quite close I may go for the day when the Christmas market is on. It was a brilliant way to kick start our half term even though I think my girl shall return and tell her reception teacher that she went to the seaside. If you're looking to stay in Liverpool check out the local Travelodge hotels here.

Liverpool is a hop, skip and a jump away from Manchester so we also popped to the fab
LEGOLAND Discovery Centre too!

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