Five Ways To Enjoy The Perfect Night In

One of the most shocking things about becoming a parent is the fact you can't just really nip out whenever you want to. As you know you have kids in bed? And that's kinda illegal. So me and my other half have got into this one in and one out system. I visit a friend. He stays in. On a Thursday he goes to the gym and I stay in. And don't tell him. But? I LOVE IT! I love the joy of being able to do whatever I want. So here are the five ways I enjoy the perfect night in.

Clearly I put my pyjamas on. Anyone who is fully dressed past the hours of 7pm? Is insane. So I opt for a nice set of wintry pyjamas and after trying MANY pairs the best sets are from Primark and Peacocks. And stop judging me but yes I do wear bedsocks like a Granny. Well exactly like my Granny as I brought us matching pairs.

I feel a night in requires some sort of treat. So generally I like to have some pick and mix in the house at ALL TIMES or some microwave popcorn. I also love a decaf tea or a warm milk. See I am proper rock and roll me. As it's a bit Autumnal at the moment I also enjoy a nice hot chocolate. I AM CRAZY!

Film Fun
I love watching a film I know my other half would hate. We currently have NOW TV which I can access on my MacBook Air so I get to watch films wherever I want. Last week I watched classics such as 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and 'The Devil Wears Prada'. To be honest I had forgotten they existed but when I searched Sky Movies on NOW TV I did a small jump for joy when I came across them. NOW TV is super easy to watch on the go and can be dowloaded to all sorts of devices. As we also have got the Sky Sports package my husband enjoys watching it when I am out of the way and can't moan.

Bed? Or Bath?
The joy of being able to watch films on your laptop is that you can watch them in bed or I enjoy dragging the washbasket over and propping up the MacBook on the top of it. I always have a small worry that it may not be the safest of things to do but that soon stops when I am gorging on sweets in a bubble bath watching a cheesy rom com or box set.

Early Night
Jamas on, classic chosen from NOW TV, full of sweets and warm milk and the next natural thing is to? Have a nice early night. With no-one moaning that you're boring. Utter bliss! Is it Thursday yet?

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Happy box set watching!
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