Saturday, 17 October 2015

Getting On The Saddle With Barbie!

My girl is not only Barbie obsessed but also animal obsessed. We recently got two guinea pigs (called Anna and Elsa obvs) and we also have a dog. But was she REALLY wants is a horse. There is one small problem. We live in a terraced house, in inner city Birmingham. The chances of us owning one? Are slim to non. Actually non. So HOORAY for the Barbie Saddle 'N' Ride Horse that she got sent in the post to review this week.

This Barbie has got to be the favourite out of all the ones she has been sent (even beating the singing one which is no mean feat). The concept is that the set comes with a horse riding Barbie. OK so that's quite cool. Well when you pop Barbie's hand into the side of the horse? SHE JUMPS ON THE HORSE. And when you press the horses head? THE HORSE WALKS!

It's so much fun! At one point before school this morning we had a race between the guinea pigs and the horse. The horse won! This may be to do with the fact that the guinea pigs were terrified and refused to move. The Barbie Saddle 'N' Ride Horse would make the perfect Christmas gift for your budding horse rider. My son also loved it. Maximising the time he had with the horse today whilst my girl was at school.

Just a word of warning it does require batteries and they are the small ones that you don't generally have hanging around in your kitchen drawer. So if you are giving the Barbie Saddle 'N' Ride Horse as a present this festive season? Be a doll and shove a packet of batteries in too. For further information check out the Barbie site here.

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