It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Autumn...

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. I love everything about it. From the clothes, to the weather, to cosy nights in. This year? I have decided to celebrate this beautiful season by adding some bits and pieces to my house to give it that Autumnal feel. There is loads of seasonal decor around in the shops now and I've had to restrain myself from going ornament pumpkin mad! So check out how I have got my house Autumn ready (whilst driving my husband a little bit mad in the process).

Felt wreath from HomeSense

Wicker pumping from HomeSense

A lot of my Autumn pieces are in our dining room which is at the back of the kitchen. I like to change this part of the house every season. And it is a bit out of the way so my husband doesn't have to be faced by ceramic owls and a variety of candles whilst he's watching the rugby (spoilsport).

Orange mesh pumpkin from HomeSense

AMAZING Toadstool fairy home from Homesense

I really like to get the kids involved so I thought the Toadstool from HomeSense was perfect and I may make it a permanent feature. If you watch the vlog below you will also see that the display is now FULL of one bazillion conkers. You forget how much kids love them. We all love our little display and I can't wait to change it for Winter. By all I mean the kids and I. Clearly my husband? HATES IT!

If you're feeling super nosy take a look around my house for yourself!

We were sent a voucher from HomeSense to buy some bits and bobs for our house.
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