My Monthly Favourites: October

Hello and welcome to this month's favourites. A little tour of some of the best things we have been sent or have done during the month of October. I am SO excited that the Autumn is here and even more excited that I am getting emails to come and visit Santa or look at Christmas gift guides. This year is going so fast! So take a little look at the best of October. It's been a cracking month!

Reading: The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep
Unless you live in a burrow (see what I did there). You can't fail to have heard about the magic sleeping book 'The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep'. The No.1 bestseller published by Ladybird Books uses a unique and distinct language pattern that will help your child relax and fall asleep at bedtime or nap time. 

We decided to try it on our girl who has started to struggle a little bit dropping off due to the excitement of being at school. After she read her school books (OK the ones that just repeat the words 'No' and 'Oh') we read of the tale of the little rabbit who wanted to fall asleep. Now I'm not saying it is magic but my girl certainly was a lot sleepier that she was before she jumped into bed. It could be the fact she was relaxed listening to the story, or the nights are darker. I don't know! But if your little one is struggling to sleep it's well worth investing in the book which is available all over the place.

Playing With: Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag
Recently it appears my daughter has 'gone off' Frozen. I KNOW! What madness is this? I couldn't believe it! But never fear as my two year old son can now be found running around the house (aggressively) shouting "DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN". So when this bag arrived at home I knew it would be perfect for his Christmas stocking.

The colour match bag cleverly glows 100 colours. If you hold it up against a block colour it will change to match it. Magic! It reminded me of those mood rings I used to wear when I was a grumpy 14 year old. But just much better. It's perfect for any Frozen mad kids you may know and is available from HTI in pretty much every toy shop going! 

Visiting: The Octonauts Training Academy at the National SEA LIFE Centre, Birmingham
As blogger ambassadors for the SEA LIFE centre we pop in really often. My son loves the fish and my daughter loves the penguins. Till Nov 7th if you visit you can take part in the Ocotonauts training academy. At the start of your aquatic adventure you are given a sheet and stickers. You then stick them on as you spot the characters from the show dotted around.

My two LOVED it as when you got to the end (pass the amazing underwater life, colouring room and 4D cinema) you can go and claim a special Octonausts certificate and medal. They were so happy and couldn't believe their luck! I've written about the SEA LIFE centre a few times so for more information check out my blog post here.

Also Visiting: Halloween Fun At Drayton Manor

This week when my daughter was at school I decided to take my son to see all the Halloween delights at Thomas Land. It's one of his all time favourite places so I thought it would be brilliant to have a bit of Mummy/Son bonding time. We had such an amazing day! All decked out for the spooky season, Drayton Manor have added all sorts of creepy decorations. It really had a proper American kinda Halloween vibe about it which is right up my street.

The best part by far was going to knock on the Fat Controllers door and have him answer, dressed as a Vampire (the worlds least scariest Vampire mind) and give my boy some sweets. It was the most exciting trick or treating ever. Open all half term, Drayon Manor is also having a huge fireworks display on 30th October. If you would like further information please check out their site here. Or if you want to watch for yourself if you would fancy a spooky Thomas Land check out our vlog below! 

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