Friday, 23 October 2015

Seven Top Cleaning Tips!

On a Wednesday I have the day to myself. What do I do with this time I hear you say? Do I go crazy and run around posh shops with my mates and drink champers like a lady who lunches? Or. Do I sometimes stay in the house and do cleaning. You guessed it! Being a Mum is just so glamorous. Ahem. So with the help of Ecover washing liquid here are some top tips to make sure that your dishes shine and you can at least feel a bit proud at the end of the worlds most boring task. Doom.

1) Clean the sink before you start. Also wipe down the draining board. These are the places where all the nasties like limescale and bacteria build up so you need to keep on top of it.

2) A good tip for burnt in stains on cookware is to sprinkle them with baking soda. It absorbs the grease and helps to dissolve the grime. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and it should look beautiful (well as beautiful as cookware can look).

3) I LOVE mugs. I have loads and my favourites are the giant beasts that are Cath Kidston ones. Before washing up it's a good ideal to pre treat them with lemon juice to get rid of any nasty stains.

4) After washing each item give them a quick swill with warm water to get rid of any soapy residue.

5) I am a bit of a "oh I'll just leave them drying on the side for a week" kinda gal. No more! I'm going to start drying them (and by me I clearly mean the other half) with a clean cloth or towel as soon as I've rinsed them through.

6) Make sure you rinse your cleaning tools regularly. Ecover sent me a lovely recycled washing up scrubber and to ensure it lasts a fair while. I'm going to give it a good dry after each wash. 

7) Finally you should read the back of your washing up liquid bottle. Ecover only requires one squeeze for a whole sinkful of dirty dishes so there's no need to go over the top!

Ecover's got a new formulation which washes up to 40% more plates and contains 20% more plant based content. This means that it is delivering the same as other well known washing up brands but it doesn't compromise on care for both the planet and home. If you would like to find out more about Ecover please pop over and visit their site here.

This post was written in collaboration with Ecover.

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  1. I also use lemons to clean my mugs, but not only. They help with my sink and microwave. Kudos for using eco-friendly products!


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