Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tutus And Bags. Life's Essential Items

When they were dishing out 'stereotypical things girls like' my daughter and I certainly got shed loads. Whilst she has no problems playing with dinosaurs and I enjoy a good horror film we have two things we adore more than anything else. Bags and tutus. Just to make it clear. I'm not the one wearing the tutu. So when we got to choose a few items from byStroom it didn't take us long to decide what we wanted.

Recently launched in the UK, byStroom sells a range of items ideal for both new Mums and ones that have been parenting for a while. I'm a little bit sad I wasn't aware of it when I was pregnant with my two as their changing bags are amazing. Gone are the chunky blatantly obvious bags shoved with nappies and dummies. These bags look like 'normal' bags. One you may choose to buy even if you weren't needing to cram something full of snacks and toys.

As my two are older now I popped over to the 'Mum' section of the site and chose a byStroom clutch. As it is Autumn I opted for the Hilma bag in camel. And it looks amazing with my blazer coat and scarf from New Look. It also comes with a handy strap and is perfect for those days when you get to pop out and do some shopping WITHOUT THE KIDS! I also chose another bag which I thought would be great for this season and that was the Dani bag in olive green. I wore it on the school run today and felt very snazzy (with my Mum raincoat on). 

My four year old squealed with glee when she saw the byStroom tutu (Pettiskirt) in dusty pink. Not only does it look ace with woolly tights and chunky boots for winter but I know we will also have a lot of wear of this during the festive season. If you would like to find out more about byStroom please pop over to their site here.


  1. Oh your daughter is just so cute! She's such a princess. Love her! Love the bags too! x


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