Tuesday, 17 November 2015

All I Want For Christmas...

Dear Father Christmas

Hi! How are you? My name is Emma. I'm nearly 38 and I am a Mother of two. I've not written to you since I was about 8. Yep 30 years ago. In a time before Elves on Shelves, when sacks were essentially bin bags with a cartoon picture of your face on it and selection boxes not only seemed bigger but were counted as an actual present.

Anyway I digress. I've been a good girl this year. OK there was that time when I shouted unreasonably at my husband for not doing the washing up (OK I threw a plate) and occasionally I may have drank the odd gin or two in the summer before 6pm but bar that? I've been a good egg. I've endured lots of too early mornings, some very late nights, nits (twice), chicken pox (twice), croup, conjunctivitis and the sh*ts (too many to remember). There were weekends away. Cancelled. There were nights out. Postponed. I've endured the emotional trauma of starting one child off in school. The other in nursery. All of these cancel out the smashed plate right?

So here are my demands (much like my children DEMAND a pooing dog and a Gooey Louie). For Christmas all I want is the following: A bath. Alone. You know without being interrupted ten minutes in by a screaming toddler. I want to be able to smell a lovely Lush bath bomb and not a rotting Thomas the Tank Engine Toy approximately one inch from my face. I would also like a reprieve on tiny people watching me wee and change tampons. Just for a week. A wee alone would be joyous.

I would like a weekend where I sleep. The kind of sleep where your head hits the pillow at 11pm (OK 9pm) and then you wake 12 hours later with the sun glinting through the window. Feeling refreshed, revitalised. Ready to start the day. No disturbances from nightmares, lost dummy's or husbands snoring. I would also love the gift of time. Time to shop for clothes for myself, or time to go to the cinema with friends, time to go away for the weekend without the feeling of 'mum guilt' hanging over my head.

So I want to bath alone, wee alone, sleep alone and spend time to myself. Can you make that happen Father Christmas? I promise to be good. I promise to not reach for the tablet each morning for the whole of next year when my kids are up at 5am. I promise that there will be no bribe Smarties on an almost daily basis and also I promise that when my children scream in the night I won't sometimes 'pretend sleep' so my other half gets up...

...I'll be honest Father Christmas the chances of any of that happening during 2016 is slim to non. So forget all my prior demands. I will just settle for some nice slippers and a new dressing gown.

Lots of Love Em x

PS if my son's Gooey Louie can get 'lost' on route? I will be forever grateful.


  1. Sooo funny. My two are desperate for both those games too, whoever thought them up is crazy!!!!

  2. I'm sure if you'd asked for something like diamonds he would have been able to oblige, but these demands are just crazy talk. It ain't ever going to happen - until they're about 8 when they suddenly start sleeping in and insisting on closed bathroom doors.

  3. Oh to dream. I have the same wishlist, but am going for slippers, too. Fortunately, I do like a nice new pair of slippers xx

    1. Slippers are also on my wishlist as I've got holes in the ones I got last year. Love getting slippers for Christmas :)

    2. I LOVE SLIPPERS!!! I generally? Get two pairs! x

  4. I think I best write my list to Santa too, mine would start with wanting time to watch some normal tv instead of kids programmes or perhaps to not have the Tv on without the shrieks of noooo from my son when I put some of my music on!

  5. Oh man, that night of sleep is the absolute DREAM isn't it? Please Santa, please...x


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