Christmas Gift Guide: Blogger Stocking Fillers

So we've have tackled some family members and now it's time to think about what bloggers would like for the big day. All of these products are under the £20 mark so would be perfect for a blogger chum or to have as a stocking filler if your other half is the one in the family glued to their laptop and social media (hangs head in shame)...

1) imprify
Most bloggers are a bit obsessed with photos. It's part of our job to take piccys of our little ones, or sunsets, or of our feet standing on nice floors (which when you think about it is a bit weird no?). So imprify is perfect for if you want to get shots printed out, put in a booklet or what I intend to do...get them made into snazzy magnets. Last year I made the other half a book but this year I place to download a few photos off my phone (probably the instagram folder as I look much better in sierra) and dish them out to relatives. There is currently a 20% discount code till the end of the year which is 1005C4 so go over to imprify and download as many photos of your feet as you want! Delivery takes three days so there is stacks of time to get them done before the big day.

2) Vlog Star Volume 1
I love YouTube. It makes me so happy and I know that a lot of bloggers love filming videos too but are a little afraid to give it a go. Sometimes people can feel that it is a bit hard to get started and don't really know what to do or use. There is now a handy set out called Vlog Star Volume 1. It comes complete with a mini camera stand perfect for your phone and a handy guide with tips to get you headed on the right path to be the next Zoella. Start your vlogging journey by taking a look at the Vlog Star App.

3) YT CLUB Flexible Mini Tripod
For those that have been vlogging for a while or are looking for an alternative camera stand for their phone or DLSR, the YT Club Flexible Mini Tripod is perfect for all your filming needs. Coming in black and pink and black, the stand bends and folds so you can get it to film on almost any surface. You could wrap it round the arm of a chair or maybe bend it to fit on your dressing table for a make up tutorial. I used it to film a recent vlog and it was great balancing on a box in my living room! Pop over to Amazon to get your YT CLUB Flexible Mini Tripod.

4) CaseApp Skins
I've talked about CaseApp a few times on my blog and for the past couple of years I've had their phone cases. I always get asked where I get them from. The pictures look great and the quality is amazing. This time round though I thought I would try a MacBook Air skin. As it's the festive season I've popped a few recent wintery pictures on mine. What would you have on yours? Dead simple to upload and edit there is something for everyone and it would make a fantastic gift. Go over and look here if you want to go and create your very own CaseApp skin or cover and there is currently a 20% off offer if you use this special code BRUMMYMUMMYCASE.

5) Jim And Friends Stationery
One of my favourite YouTubers is Jim Chapman. Vlogging five days a week, he is married to the gorgeous Tanya Burr and I LOVE watching his videos just before bed. They are a lovely and relaxing way to end the day. Earlier in the year he designed a stationery range and I brought some the first day they came out. Perfect for bloggers I own both of the pencil cases and my pupils think I'm dead cool (they don't they say I am too old to watch YouTube. Pah!). I'm hoping the 'notes to selfie' pad is in my stocking this year. For your own blogger inspired stationary why not go and get some James & Friends pads and pencil cases.

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