Christmas Gift Guides: Perfect For Toddler Boys

This week on my Christmas Gift Guide we will be taking a little festive look at some top picks for my little boy who turns three at the start of January. His room is in need of a revamp, as does his wardrobe and his new obsession? Marvel heroes and fancy dress...

1) Sue Ryder Online Blue Bean Bag Chair In Blue
I've always felt a bit sorry for my boy. Our whole house has been consumed with treats for my daughter so a lot of the furniture we have is covered in Princesses or My Little Pony. He's not had his room redecorated much since he was a baby so when I saw this Blue Bean Bag Chair from Sue Ryder I knew it would be perfect for him in his reading nook. All profits from the Sue Ryder Online Shop go straight to the charity. The charity itself helps people facing a life changing disease and illness. It's also is there to support families. So go and check out the Blue Bean Bag chair or a host of the other lovely things they have on offer in their online store. And do you bit for charity this Christmas. There is also 15% off if you use the code EMMA15 at the till until the end of the year!

2) Asda George Wooden Rocket Toy
Asda currently have a selection of beautiful wooden toys in store. I was offered the chance to choose one for my boy and as soon as I saw this rocket? I knew he would love it. Coming complete with a set of spacemen and a whole host of other wooden space accessories, this rocket will really help to stretch his imagination. He only attends nursery one day a week so I am always looking to stimulate his little mind. I also thought when he was not playing with it it would look great in his new big boys (sob) bedroom. The George Wooden Rocket Toy is available online and in stores across the country.

3) Marvel Hands
My boy has suddenly became obsessed with Marvel characters. I don't know when it happened or how but he is forever running around the house shouting "HULK SMASH!". He also loves dressing up so when I popped into Toys R Us to do a bit of early Christmas shopping last week and I saw these two beauts? I howled with laughter imagining the scene on Christmas Day with my boy and his Dad running around pretending to be super heroes. So pop online or in store to grab the Age Of Ultron The Hulk Gamma Grip Fists (blimey that's a mouthful!).

4) Kids UGG Boots
For me, as a Mum, Christmas is not only about toys but also the chance to spoil your little one with some dead snazzy clothes to wear over the festive season. Generally we get our kids their shoes in the supermarket but it's always nice to treat them to a nice pair that will last them till Spring. UGG is one of my favourite brands so I know if I pop my boy in these super bang on trend Kids UGG Boots he will be nice and comfy. He would more than likely wear them to the ten million parties he gets invited to (better social life than me!).

5) Next Boys Festive Clothes
To go with the Kids UGG Boots I have been admiring the new festive range over a Next. For the big day itself I LOVED these dungarees (which I haven't got the bottle to wear myself!) and the Christmas shirt and tie combo. The tie lights up and I think it's a fab smart alternative to the Christmas Jumper. Also I love to be super boring and pop in both of my two kiddos stockings a hat and scarf set. This one from Next is aces. So going and take a look at the Next Younger Boys selection.
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