Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guides: Perfect For Little Girls

This week on my Christmas gift guide we will be looking at some of the treats I will be getting for my girl who is obsessed with all things pink. If you are looking for some neutral ideas? This isn't really the place for you!

1) Next Party Dress
I love my two to look super special for the day itself. We spend the morning at our own house and then the rest of the day is split between Grandparents. There are at least one million photos taken so I thought this plum party dress from Next would be ideal. I adore the detailing on the waist and the strap. It's something I think we can put away and it would be brilliant to wear at parties or christenings throughout the year. Why not check out the Next girl party dresses for yourself.

2) Asda George Wooden Dolls House
Last week we talked about the amazing wooden toy rocket from George at Asda and this time it is the turn of the wooden doll house that I have gotten for my girl. She LOVES to play make believe and this is perfect to be kept in her bedroom, and away from tiny prying little boy hands. I have asked her Grandparents to get the accompanying bits and pieces from the set so hopefully she will be kept busy on Christmas morning. The Asda George Wooden Dolls House can be found online here.

3) Great Little Trading Company Advent Calendar
Obviously this lovely wooden advent calendar from the Great Little Trading Company will be given to my girl at the start of December. Previously we have just brought a couple from the local poundshop but my plan this year? Is to take this one and each day pop in a treat. It may be sweets. It may be 10p. Could be a tiny toy. I can't wait to see her face as she waits to see what she has been given. The Great Little Trading Company are known for their great craftsmanship and wooden products. So this wooden advent calendar will definitely be something we put away and use again and again.

4) Play Doh Little Sweet Shoppe
My girl's love for play doh is never ending. She has finally got past the stage of smashing it all together to make one big brown blob. She now can actually make things that look like what they are meant to. The Play Doh Little Sweet Shoppe allows you to make sweet treats, cakes and also add icing on the top of them. Coming with complete with four colours and a stand I know one little five year old that will enjoy hours of playing with it. And one 37 year old Mum that will be invited to many many tea parties. Sigh.

5) My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle
Blimey that's a mouthful! I LOVE My Little Pony as it reminds me of my youth innit? The very top of my girls wish list. You know the 'big present' they long for is the My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle. I hope she doesn't learn to read this blog in the next few weeks as it may ruin the surprise that I have already popped out and brought her! There was an offer on it in Argos and also as I spent over £50 I got a £5 voucher. BOOM! I can't wait to see her little face!

6) Guess How Much I Love You
My daughter is starting to learn to read so for Christmas she will be getting quite a few books. As a sentimental old lady I love reading stories to her that always remind her how much I love her so this classic from Sam McBrantney is perfect for the pair of us. I will be reading Guess How Much I Love You on Christmas night with a tear in my eye.

7) Mulan Dress
Mulan is the most underrated of all Disney Princesses. She is proper kick ass. She can fight. She cuts her hair dead short and she wants to protect her family. My girl has the whole collection of Disney Princesses dresses but this year has asked for the illusive Mulan outfit from The Disney Store. A bit more pricey than your average Esla outfit, this is to be one that is worn and then hung up nicely and not shoved in a box somewhere.

8) Shopkins
For any mother of small children that is subjected to watching MANY hours of YouTube? I am sure that Shopkins are going to do a roaring trade this Christmas! I have stocked up on a few packs of them to pop in Christmas stockings. To inevitably be opened, lost or ignored for forever more.

9) Smiggle Stationary
As well as reading, my daughter started school this year so is huge on writing me love notes. Some of her favourite stationary comes from Smiggle. So I will be taking a peruse in the next week or so and picking up some of Smiggle's lovely hot pink gift sets for her to scribble on, cut up and hand deliver to me twenty times a day. God love her.



  1. Fantastic ideas - I love the girls dolls house and think my daughter would love to see this on Xmas day. Good price too!

  2. Oooo lovely gifts for young girls ��


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