How To Handle 'The Worry'

This weekend the whole world was rocked by yet another attack on innocent people. I won't go into details, or talk about the horror, the whys or the wheres, the total injustice. But what I want to talk about is the worry. The fear. The panic. The 'well now I'm a bit scared to leave the house as you never know what might happen'. The feeling of looking at your small children, or big children, and worrying about the kind of world you have brought them into. What does the future hold for them? And how can we shelter them from it if it's bad?

I am one of life's over thinkers. I rarely live in the moment. I'm always over analysing the past and looking towards what may go wrong in the future. It takes a lot for me to live in the present. To really appreciate the pleasure of what is happening in the moment. I anticipate trouble. Except things to go wrong. So you would think that events like this to make me want to batten down the hatches and never leave the house. My kids living off Fruit Shoots, Smarties and Peppa Pig. Me living off gin.

But that's what the bad people want. If your little lovely came home from school and said that someone was being mean to them. Would you expect them to give in, hand over dinner money, or would you expect them to fight back. How many times do we say "try to ignore them". Bad people want a reaction. They want to bring us down. Make us feel scared. But for the sake of our kids no matter what is in our hearts we have to show them that this isn't the case.

As parents we have to carry on with strength. Sure there may be times where we think "OK that's probably not a safe thing to do right now" but we need to take mindless acts of terrorism like this and help them make us stronger. Show our children that we will not be bullied. That our lives will carry on. Fun will still be had. Laughter will still be heard. Each and every moment will be appreciated. Even the ones where they are driving us mad.

So as the ultimate worry wart here is how I am going handle my life living in a world of uncertainties. By making sure each moment counts. By squeezing my babies even harder each night. By embracing that not every day will be perfect and that's OK. That's life. And what a precious life we have as it can go in a moment and those cuddles, laughter and tantrums can all vanish in a split second.
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