Stop The Madness Of Midweek Meals

I am lucky enough to work part time. So three days a week I am charge of my two loons. What with school runs, nursery drop offs, chores and marking? The very last thing I want to do is cook. And I shall let you into a secret? I am a bit of a rubbish one. I know! Who would have thought this cool, calm and collect Mum (ahem) would be crap in the kitchen. But I totes am.

To see how busy my day's are check out the 'Day In The Life' video that I filmed for Toby Carvery which captures the true mania of an average day in my household. Including trying to sort out a row whilst I'm making the dinner and my boy screaming for his dummy (which we are trying, and failing, to stop him having). A few days after filming, as a little treat, I took my two to try out the mid week menu from Toby to see if it was any easier than having to struggle cooking every single night.

We all opted to have the carvery and the best thing about visiting the chain is that you can literally go up and serve yourself (with the help of their lovely staff). After my girl got her dinner and sat down. She said it was "the easiest ever cafe". There was non of the 'horrible waiting around whilst your kids go mad' part of the meal. We got tucked in straight away with my boy ADORING the yorkshire's the size of his (quite massive) head.

After our dinner we ordered puddings and my two loved the kids make your own ice cream and I'm not saying that I had to 'try' most of the sweets. But I did. We were in and out in just over an hour. Which may sound a bit rubbish if you are wanting a lovely leisurely Sunday afternoon lunch but if you are just popping in mid week, as a treat it's ideal. And what is even more ideal is? NO WASHING UP!

Click to find a Toby Carvery near you and take the pressure off mid week cooking. And to have a good old nose around my house and see the mania of a day in my life? Check out the vlog below!

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