A (Very) Little Office Tour

2015 was the year that I decided to take my blogging a bit more seriously. Well as serious as filming videos prancing about in Peppa World and writing posts moaning about things can be. So I decided to take a little part of our bedroom and make it into an 'office'. Literally the smallest space known to man. So here is a little tour, a Cribs of my bloggy world if you like. Showing you my favourite spots and how I make this kid free space all mine.

The desk was from Ikea. It is a square with a hint of pink and has one large drawer which is just enough to fit in all my stationary. I am a little bit obsessed with pens, pads and I have an unreasonable amount of post it notes. My pens are held in pots also from Ikea and my favourite ones comes in sets from Smiggle and Sharpie. I currently have a lamp on the desk from Next but I am hoping to upgrade it in 2016 to match the copper frame that I got in Oliver Bonas (which features some shots of my favourite people). There are some lovely copper lamps on Lampcommerce. Or I may go down a more contemporary route with one from Artemide.

There is nothing a blogger loves more than a motivational phrase so I have framed some brilliant ones from Paperchase. I like to alternate them and as they are quite cheap it doesn't seem too extravagant. I also hang on these some bits and bobs that make me smile including a Pinterest badge, a blogger badge from my lovely friend Sarah and a YouTube lanyard from an event I recently attended.

To match the Ikea table, I have a cheap shelf. There are some magazine files on there full of notepads that I hoard like a maniac. I also LOVE these Mollie Makes Blogger edition magazines that I suggest any budding blogger buy. This is where my Mumsnet Blogger Award lives as well as a few other knick knacks I have picked up along the way. I like to surround myself with sentimental items such as the mug from one of my best friends Cait. They make me smile and when I'm feeling a bit fed up I can look at them and have a really good giggle.

On my 'wall' (aka the side of my wardrobe) I have really professionally hung up some daft pictures that make me happy. By professional I mean with washi tape. I have some special photos, some hilarious pictures drawn by my daughter and pride of place is an autograph from Mr Bloom. Yes. THE Mr Bloom (and my future husband).

So that is one of my favourite parts of the house, and whilst it's not much it is mine all mine. I have thought about adding another shelf or getting some storage for under the desk. But whilst I am sat there, with my headphones on, typing away, I feel like a proper writer. Until someone screams for me to wipe their bum from the bathroom next door.

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