Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Kids Magazines Save Lives (Kinda)

Before you have children you may have indulged in the odd magazine. Maybe Heat, or if you were feeling super snazzy, Vogue. Then you have a baby, that turns into a toddler and you enter a whole other new world of magazines. The world of? The 'kids' magazine. Lurking in the local newsagent or found near the tills in the big supermarket down the road. These magazines are loved by your tiny tots and you start to find? They are total and utter life savers. They can be whipped out when you need to have a bit of peace at a family meal, be used as a reward for potty training or just an inexpensive end of the week treat.

In the past three years of having one, then two small children, we have been through the whole gambit of kids magazines but we had never came across a Bob The Builder one. So when it arrived in the post for us to review my daughter was over the moon. My girl, who has just turned five, immediately wanted to see if it came with a 'present' and it did! It had her favourite stickers, followed by a colouring/activity book (she is OBSESSED with colouring at the moment) and a little hammer she kindly said her her two year old brother could have.

Whilst she was flicking through the activity book I had a look to see what the content was like and if it was applicable for her age. It was perfect. There were some pages for her to practice short words, as well as sections to practice her numbers and simple adding up. What I really loved was that the magazine had cleverly highlighted sections for adults which helped children practice key skills such as recognising letters, shapes and developing creativity and their imagination.

As a teacher myself I would highly recommend the all new Bob The Builder magazine for your pre-schooler or reception aged child. To find out what my girl thought take a look at her little vlog below. She thinks she's a mega star (I'll be honest I have to agree. She is!).



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